Hollywood gossip

I’ll admit it; I love gossip.

The October issue of Movieline magazine has an article called “Hollywood’s 50 All-Time Hottest Rumors”. I realize most of these rumors are false (as does the author of the article) but I still like to read them.

The problem is that many of the rumors in the article are anonymous. The subjects are described by terms like “Oscar-nominated actor” or “gifted actress” or “fledgling director”. Dammit I want names. There were a few of the anonymous rumors I had heard before connected to a known individual, but some of them were so vague I wondered if the writer had made them up to pad the list.

Well i hear Harry Connick Jr is slated to be a jedi in the next Star Wars movie

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

What’s your favorite Hollywood gossip show? Entertainment Tonight? Those shows on E!?

Well if it helps any (and keep this between you and me) Rosie O’Donnell is a lesbian.

And do you know who else is gay? That is right Harvey Firestein(sp??)

And MacGuyver.

Who doesn’t love gossip? It is the mark in which we spice up our own lives with or judge to see how better/worse off we are than the next schmoe.

Now for what I want to know. Is Matthew Perry of Friends gay or what? He had an interview in this months Biography with the brief mention of dating Julia Roberts after her appearance on the show, it is never mentioned that he is dating some one else. Which could mean he dates non-Hollywood types ( like me…ohhh there is a chance…)

But he gave a quote: ( I’m paraphrasing, if I leave my computer to get the article, my son will attack the keyboard with gusto.) " In twenty years, who’s to say I won’t be chasing 20 year old blonde boys or I could be like my mom…( I forget the rest.)" The rest of the article I kept waiting for the news that his dad was gay to come out. But it never did.

Not that him being gay would ruin my stalkingly admiration for him.

That quote was by Chandler Bing not Matthew Perry. Granted the resemblance between them is uncanny.

Perry’s father is John Bennett Perry who is also an actor and, as far as I know, not gay. In addition to Roberts, Matthew Perry also dated Yasmine Bleeth at one time.

Okay, to get this back on the OP, here’s my guesses on some of the anonymous items:

#11 (Diva for a Day) There’s a lot of clues in this one. An actress who won a Best Actress Oscar in the 1980’s and costarred with another actress in a major role which didn’t get nominated. Based on this my guess is Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis in The Accused. In which case, see #46.
#22 (Indecent Proposal) Probably Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.
#23 (The Big Change) Jamie Lee Curtis obviously.
#42 (Dazed and Confused) Woody Harrelson maybe? Although I imagine there’s dozens of stars this could apply to.
#46 (These Two) Probably Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis in The Accused.

Did William Shatner kill his wife? Or did OJ do it? Did Shatner kill OJ’s wife?

It was John & Patsy Ramsey who killed Shatner’s wife and Shatner in turn killed OJ’s wife who killed Lyle and Eric’s Parents.