Hollywood Support for Arnold

Who in Hollywood supported Arnold?

They all did…

to his face.


Everyone loves a winner.

Rob Lowe.

Gary Busey. I believe he suffered a massive head wound for him.

Dennis Miller.

Dana Carvey, I believe.

Well, I doubt if Martin Sheen supported him because there was a message on my answering machine from him (presumably) urging me to vote against the recall…

Having Arnold in office is a comedy writer’s gold mine. Guys like Jon Macks (writer for the New Hollywood Squares, Jay Leno, and the Academy Awards) might not have voted for him but he’s expected to keep them busy for the duration.

I think there is a high likelihood that Leno was on Arnold’s side. Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy on The Tonight Show, and Leno introduced the Governator at his victory party. While there is a possibility that Leno was supporting Arnie solely for potential jokes this scenario is unlikely. Leno and his jokes wouldn’t be funny no matter who is in office or what is in the news.

There was an article in the NY Times the other day about Leno making his political views known. Apparently it’s newsworthy because late night hosts are traditionally non-partisan, or equal opportunity jokers at least.

So was having Gray Davis as Govenor. Look at all the things said about him. So I don’t think it matters who is in office. Either way comedy writers are going to have a field day.

I was expecting Arnold to pick Danny DeVito as his Assistant Gov.

I’m not much of a Jay Leno fan, but he did say something once that captured my political stance very neatly. It was along these lines:

“Every time I think I’m a Republican, the Republicans go out and do something greedy. Every time I think I’m a Democrat, the Democrats go out and do something stupid.”

And everytime I think I might be a fan of Leno he goes out and tells a joke.