Holy Crap are we having a Nor'Easter?

It is really ugly out there!:frowning:

Yes it will be ugly until Tuesday. Should be a wet soggy weekend for a lot of people.

No kidding. I love the cold and all, but I got drenched walking from the Port Authority to the east side. I have been in the office a half hour and I am still practically shivering. Ugly indeed.


There goes the Labor Day at the beach idea :frowning:

Yup. I think my beach plans are a wash, too.

Sorry. I had to say it.

I am soaked, and my shoes are all squishy (my galoshes filled with water after about one block). I don’t know why NYC has a goddam “42nd Street shuttle” train if you have to walk all the way to the goddam Hudson River to pick it up!

Gee, I’m so sorry. It’s my day off here in Cleveland, and the weather is absolutely perfect…cool, sunny. Hope you all dry out soon. I have a blinding headache and am going back to bed.

It’s been GREAT!!! I only wish I lived further North. We’ve been getting a lot of rain and a break from the heat here as well. I absolutely adore it! I wish it did this every week.

I’m just glad we’ve finally got rain!!

I think this is the first rain we’ve had since mid-July, maybe longer. This place has been dry as a bone.

Rain is GREAT! I can’t wait for the snow too. Hopefully it will be enough to shut everything down for quite a while. I would like the extra free time off of work.

I hope this year makes up for last year snow-wise.

–who has a cd of thunderstorms to tide her over between real ones

It’s not 90 degrees, and we need the rain. I’m grateful for that.

You don’t know the half of it. Try having a well and being this dry. I’m just glad we’re lightly settled.


        New York in a monsoon still beats Cleveland on a sunny spring day.

hee hee :stuck_out_tongue:



We really need here in PA, so I hope it continues. 'sides, I won’t have to mow if it does.

The kielbasa’s better in Cleveland.
– Uke, who always has to find something nice to say

Ugh, I thought this was just local, I didn’t know it was the whole frickin’ Northeast. Normally, I like rain, thunderstorms in particular. But today is just plain icky. It was drizzling when I woke up, raining drove down to Acton (and wasted an hour, dammit! 'Nother story, though). It was raining when I had to go over to my school for registration, it was still raining at 7:00 when I went out to drop off some film for developing. And it’s gonna last until Tuesday!?

Ick. Just my luck.

I’m especting it to. I just bought a house and since this is the first year in over 20 that I’ll have to clear my own driveway, I’m expecting a lot of snow. Twice as much 'cause my drive is steep.