Holy crap, it's the Ghostrider 2099 action figure! (Not really.)

I was just reading the forums at Shortpacked, and I couldn’t help noticing a link to a new series of gimmicky action figures. You can see them here. Now, when I first say them, I thought about how I always see such gimmicks in the discount bins. (Heroes with motorcycles, heroes with giant blasters, heroes with catapults.) My second though was that one of the toy designers remembered the 2099 series of comics, based on the design of the robot’s head in the link I provided. Anyone else have any thought on this [del]extremely unimportant [/del] matter?

As much of a Ghost Rider freak as I was back in the 90s… GR 2099 never did it for me.

As an aside… I remember reading a snippet of an interview with one of the Toy Biz (the company that makes the Marvel figs) reps and he said that Ghost Rider test third behind Spiderman and Hulk as the most popular with kids. That’s why a character that has no monthly title and a movie still a year away gets so many action figures.