Look out Sgt. Slaughter...

Because COBRA has had enough!


Meh. Remember the Fridge? :rolleyes:

Hell comes to Frogtown. By which I mean Atlanta.

The '80s Hasbro logo on the front is a nice touch.

Well that image confirms that the fig will be new sculpt rather than vintage. Those are DTC Spirit legs in the drawing. Most likely Hannibal arms and jacket vest, with the Salvo torso and a newly sculpted head.

…none of you have any idea what I’m talking about do you?

I do, but I haven’t been into collecting G.I. Joes in several years. The 25th Anniversary figures look really nice, but I haven’t even given a thought to picking them up. I’m planning to sell 80-90% of my Joe collection on eBay in the months to come, and I eliminated lots of my G1 Transformers around the time the movie opened.

I do…God help me…I do.