Holy Crap! Spamalot tour!

Monty Python just announced a tour! Now i don’t have to drive all the way to New York. I hope they post dates soon. thank God I have the Soundtrack to hold me over till then! whoa yeah!!!

I thought Spamalot was Chicago…

It started here but went to B’way. Missed it first time around, don’t plan to miss the next time.

No, we have theatre here in New York, too.

Is it Spamalot or Monty Python that will be on tour? There is a difference.

I sure hope Spamalot will come to my town. Somehow I doubt it, though. Tulsa, Oklahoma is so un-hip that once the roadshow of Hair was interrupted when uniformed Tulsa County deputies arrested the entire cast for violating obscenity laws. :rolleyes:

I hope it hits near Detroit!
Thanks for the news. give updates when you get them!