Holy Crap!

I got in to grad school!
Knoxville, here I come!

Go Vols! Congrats Lsura!!!

Aaah, gradual school. What a wonderful 5 years you’re in for. Conbobulations!

Why am I not surprised to see lieu in a thread that has “crap” in the title?

and I thought this was going to be a new archeological discovery in Judea…

Congrats, Lsura! Hey, just wanted to check, did you say in another thread that you’re going to be working on an MLS (or equivalent)?

Yep, lel. It’s the master’s of science in information science program there, but it’s ALA certifiied, and the classes sound really cool. :slight_smile:

Of course…I still have to figure out how I’m paying for it, but I can do that.