Holy F#ck! She's gone a *year* before you notice..?!


This little girl has been missing for a fucking year, and the state is just now learning about it?!

I wish in the name of all I hold Holy that this was a joke, but apparently an incompetant lazy-ass useless piece of shit social worker[sup]*[/sup] has been falsifying her records on home visits, her supervisor has been hammered for failing to supervise his subordiantes, and apparantly his supervisor left it up to the lower supervisor to improve himself without intervention.

To top it off, no one flagged the girl’s grandmother’s requests for information as a sign that something was wrong, and the social services also removed the missing girl’s little sister from her home without a court order!

I’m almost incoherent with baffled rage.

What the Fuck is going on here?

Some quotes:

[sup]*[/sup]Let me be clear that I am only labelling the specific, individual case worker in this rant. Social workers are, in general, vital, important, hardworking, and underappreciated. Except for this particular feckless waste of flesh.

No one knows what happened to Rilya? The freakin’ caseworkers took her and she disappeared? Does child welfare know what they did with her little sister?

Holy shit! They took the first little girl who vanished and then came and got the second one-- without the courts knowing? What the hell is going on there? At first I thought it was the grandmother, but after reading that they took the second child without telling anyone. . . .
Here in NYC a few years ago there was a major shake-up in and restructuring of child welfare after a few cases of children in families under investigation were killed by their parents. Mostly it was a case of too many cases for too few social workers. The case managers made up pretend visits because they could not keep up with the load.

I think the Today show on NBC discussed that happening in Miami as well - caseworkers have something like four times the load that they’re supposed to.

There was also the question about whether this child was the girl named “Precious Doe”, whose beheaded body was found in Kansas City last year. Her hair was neatly braided, leading police to expect someone to come forward quickly and say they knew the girl (since obviously she was being taken care of), but it surprised them that months had gone by with no word. http://www.cnn.com/2002/US/05/02/missing.girl.kc.ap/index.html

I kind of hope they are the same girl - I would hate to think one little girl is still missing somewhere, and that another little girl was so unloved as to be unclaimed so long after her murder.

according to whoever bill o’reilly interviewed, they’re not sure that it was the caseworker who took rilya. it was, as far as the know for sure, someone who identified themselves as a caseworker. since the grandmother saw the person(s) who took rilya, surely she’d be able to identify muskelly if it was her.

and to paraphrase o’reilly, the drug-addict mother who didn’t even call and check up on her children in more than a year needs to shut the &*%^ up.

What really chaps my hide is that they’re not certain the two people that took her were even, in fact, social workers!

But wouldn’t the calls from the grandmother to social services brought up the fact that the child was missing, supposedly taken by social services?

What were they telling the grandmother when she called?
and PS, just because the mother is a drug addict and bad mother, it doesn’t follow that she should shut the fuck up when her child disappears-- supposedly in the custody of the state-- for a year. Hey, I’m not in any way related to the child and I feel outraged.

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What I was trying to say was:

Damn straight, Biggirl!
Unless the same POS worker was getting the grandmother’s calls…

As for ‘overworked’, well, I’m sure she was overworked, but then, I’m just as sure her peers were just as heavily loaded, and they weren’t lying to the court, and they weren’t losing little girls into the ether, either.

While I’m at it, I’d like to rip a strip off her boss’ back: Supervise your subordinates, you limp-prick!

And his boss, too: Your subordinate has been cited for crappy leadership. Do ya think it might be a good idea to check-up on him now and again, hmm…?! Jerk.

Yet. Or, that we know about. :mad:

but if she’d actually paid some attention to her children, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. imo, this is just as much her fault as anyone else’s.

I read the same article and it seems there was a beheaded body found last year that “there is a very strong likelihood” that it is Rilya’s.

My heart weeps for the mother. No one can say what the circumstances were that led to her children being taken. At least I don’t remember reading that part.

I know my neice’s kids were taken from her when her boyfriend’s ex wife called children’s services and told them that dad had shown naked pics of my neice (age 25) that were allegedly on their computer to their boy. The ex wife had been making their life miserable so they had decided to move to another city to get away from her.

There was not one shred of truth to that statement but still they broke the door down, absolutely raped and pillaged the apartment, confiscated the puter—there were no pics btw, never were, and took her kids from her for several months until the case went to court, psychological testing was done and the little girls (ages 5 and 2) examined for rape. Temporary custody of the kids was given to their grandmother (my sister) and my neice was allowed to see them on supervised visits.

After searching for months and making her life pure hell, they finally reluctantly closed the case for lack of evidence. Finally the boyfriend’s son told the truth and said he made the whole thing up cause he didn’t want his dad to move out of town. Unruly charges were filed on him but ignored cause “his life is so torn up right now with all the court stuff going on” Hell He started it.

Gina got her kids back but there was no apology or nothing to suggest that maybe Children’s Services had acted without just cause.

The whole of Children’s Services could get fucked up the ass with a spikey orange dildo and it would suit me just fine. Fucking Nazis.

I didn’t realize people posted after me.

This is just plain ridiculous. The mother was not responsible for her children, the state was. She could have been the worst sort of drug addict and an awful mother because of it (we don’t really know this, do we?) but that does not mean she doesn’t love her children or feel anger because the people who were supposed to be protecting them-- protecting them from the awful mother, presumably-- lost her freakin’ kid. The way things stand now the child would have been better off with a crack smoking, trick turning satan worshipper than with the state.

Y’know, this doesn’t surprise me at all. Upsets me, yes. Surprises me, no. :frowning:

Point. :frowning:

ABCnews reported that Precious Doe is not Rilya.

The problem is that there really isn’t any checks and balances w/regards to childrens services. Due process is basically thrown out the window in these cases, and guilt is assumed until innocence is proven. And overworked is not an excuse to abuse ones powers.

Childrens services should be forced to first prove to a panel of third disinterested partys that the children are in danger before they are allowed to even consider removing the child.

And in the case that just happened…the caseworker should be up on charges.

Yeah, suuuure they were overworked. That’s Standard Bureaucrat Excuse #3; “We’re so overworked.”

Last year an inquest was held into the starvation death of a baby under the “care” of the Children’s Aid Society here in Toronto. The caseworker who never once bothered to actually look at the baby and who sort of forgot to check up on the mother claimed to be “overworked” and cited a caseload of dozens of cases. There was the predictable moaning and groaning about how it wasn’t her fault, it was the government, blah blah blah not enough funding.

As the facts started to come out it became difficult to determine just what the caseworker had actually been doing with her time. The “Caseload” got smaller and smaller, and the woman’s explanations for how she spent her time got more and more nebulous, until it become pathetically obvious that she wasn’t overworked at all.

Maybe that’s not the case in this Florida outrage, but I’ll say this:

  1. Any time people excuse gross, criminal misconduct by saying “But I was overworked,” they’re at least half full of shit.

  2. This obscene case was not an instance of something getting missed on one DAY. The girl has been missing for a YEAR, and the grandmother called CPS on many occasions to ask what was going on.

No arguement from me… I posted that to short-circuit any defense of this caseworker by playing the ‘overwork’ card. As you’ve pointed-out, there was plenty of time to find out what the hell was going on before it got to this point. Further, this is a single instance, and if overwork were really the issue, why has it only happened to this one worker?

Several possibilities exist:
1 - That ‘overwork’ really is the case, but all the otherworkers are able to maintain a grasp on their caseload, somehow, and this woman couldn’t.
2- That ‘overwork’ really is the case, and there are more horror stories about to happen, or have already happened, and we just haven’t heard about them yet.
3 - That this woman is feckless, feculent excuse for a caseworker; a callous and depraved human being whom didn’t really care that she was wrecking lives, and should have been sacked years ago.

Me, I think it’s a combination of 1 and 2.

Oops… That sould be: “Me, I think it’s a combination of all three.”

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::will NOT hijack this thread into an airing of her grievances with the department of social services/child protection agency.::

Sounds like sufficient reason to start another thread.