Holy S**T....I found a grey hair.

I am having some sort of a personal crisis. Today I realized that in a short 30 days I will be 30. I am having enough of a difficult time with this but to add insult to injury…I was driving down the highway today and looked in my rearview mirror and what should I see? A great big snow white, sticking up so that I can’t possibly miss it, hair! :frowning: I damn near went off the road.

So I get back to my office and the receptionist tells me I am looking kinda pale, is anything wrong? I tell her I saw a white hair. Her reply was “Just one?” and she laughs.

NOT funny!

So, she tells the personal manager, who says “what are you complaining about…I’ve had grey hair since I was 20”

Nope… I am still not amused.

My boss walks in and askes what is going on. They tell her I am having a problem today. Of course she asks what so I tell her I found a white hair. Her reply is “Yeah, but what is the problem?”

Ok damn it!!! I am going home!!!

Call my mom to tell her I’ll be over in a few to pick up kiddo. I tell her about my crisis thinking at least my mom will pretend to be sympathetic. Wrong. She burst out laughing.

Again I am NOT amused!

I can’t be the only one having/had this…turning 30 years old trauma…am I?


sigh :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Don’t sweat. Chicks dig it.

I started going gray at 18.

I just turned 40 last fall and nobody gave a rat’s ass, either. Didn’t even get a party.

So, how to get over this anxiety? Well, there are the usual suspects:

Extreme sports.
Sports cars.
Fast women.
Partying all night.

Let us know how it turns out.

:Keith reviews contract signed with Ang: Hmmm…says that I would only do your worrying for you, it says nothing about getting grey hair for you…besides I believe I still haven’t been paid for the services rendered so far.

Hmmm only one…I bet…just don’t look too closely at the back of your head :wink: . FTR I had a few hairs in my eyebrow turn white when I was 24. I plucked those suckers fast believe me.


I am a chick…and I am not digging it!

And grey hair doesn’t help much. I went through the same thing five years ago Angkins and I’m still recovering. Nothing like having to face signs of mortality. And don’t even let me get started on middle-age spread…!

It helps me to spend lots of time goofing around with my kids, they manage to help me keep my mind off of getting old pretty well.

Angkins I’m 27, and I started finding grey hair in the last 6 months or so. It makes me remember that I’m only about 887 days from 30 myself. The worst one I’ve found recently is in my right eyebrow.

But, I can still have fun. A little grey hair doesn’t mean that I’m old, just moving towards that time when I won’t get carded anymore. :slight_smile:

I tried to escape my mid-life crisis with fast cars and fast women but I was too slow to catch any of them.

With respect to the gray hair – I don’t mind my hair going gray but Mrs. Pluto (who is younger than me) refuses to allow her hair to go gray. I’m not sure how she does it, but every so often her hair gets darker. Sometimes I think it’s beginning to look a little gray at the roots but the next time I check it’s black again. Very mysterious.

So just this word of caution: If gray hair is a sign of wisdom – then some people are smarter than they look.

Far be it from me to make assumtions about Angkins’ gender or sexual proclivities, but I believe this is not the best was to assuage her angst. Angkins, please correct me if I am wrong.

That said, in an effort to help, as well as up my post count, let me say:

  1. If you worry about it too much, you’ll generate even more grey hairs.
  2. Most folks don’t give a damn about others’ grey hairs.
  3. Those folks who do care about grey hairs are shallow.
  4. Half of them have poor observational skills, with regard to hair color. Guess which half I mean.
  5. Plenty of folks have grey hairs at your age or younger. Not that I’ve noticed without them telling me.

Bwaaa haaa ha. One grey hair? I sympathise not. Actually I was 27… I kept my first grey hair for some time. Kept holding it up to different lights. “Honey, this is sort of blonde looking, not grey, right?”

I have no clue how grey my hair is these days, I’m 43 & dye it about every 27 minutes. (Hi Mrs. Pluto.) :slight_smile:

Now…My first grey pubic hair will be really, really traumatic. That’s why I shave. I plan to stay in total denial until I’m 80 & realise I look really silly with shaved pubes & obviously dyed red hair.

I meant to add this: I have the most incredible respect for women who are confident enough to have grey hair, no matter what their age. I’m trying to build up the courage to stop spending money on L’Oreal 7A. Some of the more gorgeous women I know have grey hair…(I am thinking of three different women I know, right now.)

Damn, I’m a weenie!

Welcome to the club Angkins! I got my first grey hairs at the tender age of eleven. It certainly made it easier turning 30 when I already had this visible sign of age for over half my life. Having some grey hair never was a big deal for me.

But the compliments started coming (rather infrequently yet) at my 10 year high school reunion three years ago. “You look so distinguished!”

Right on! Distinguished, at 28 years old! (I never thought it would be so easy.)

Me too.


I found a grey pubic hair about a year ago…Talk about a depressing 30 moment…plucked it quick and haven’t seen one yet, anywhere else.

Soon to be 31…Sheez…I hate getting older…thank god I don’t act my age! :-p


I’m sorry but I’m with the receptionist, your boss & your mother (I must be getting old, agreeing with someone’s mother :p)…

I found my first grey hair when I was 21 & doing my first teaching practice (I’m still sure that the two facts were connected…) and now have many more.
I turned thirty last year & it was no big deal…I wasn’t bothered about it, much to my friends’ disgruntlement as they had hoped to tease me about getting old.

If you are bothered about it, pluck it. Don’t dye…or if you do & you decide to stop, at least have your hair dyed out for you gradually to grey, rather than stopping suddenly like one of my school teachers did and having rusty, obviously-dyed red (or whatever your color is) growing out in a solid line.

Otherwise, relax & enjoy yourself, no one else would have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out…but Odie’s right, you probably shouldn’t look too closely at the back…at 21 I told some friends that I had 3 grey hairs & they laughed at me for being old & grey, so we inspected each others’ heads…Lorna had most, but hers were all at the back & she hadn’t seen them yet! She wasn’t very impressed for some reason :wink:
[sup]I will say that I’m enjoying my thirtieth year immensely for some reason, so I may be a little biased ;)[/sup]

30 didn’t bother me
37 was a bit of a slap in the face, tho I can’t define why
40 didn’t bother me
50 is coming in 2004 - that doesn’t bother me either

Of course, I have nary a grey hair - I got the good genes from Dad’s side of the family, and my hair is fair anyway. But even when it happens, I don’t know if I’ll dig out the dye or just let it go. I don’t do anything about the wrinkles, and I find lined faces more aging than hair color…

Come to think of it, as long as I’ve got a self-sustaining pulse, none of the rest much matters.

I found my first gray hair when I was about 28. Now I’m 45, and I’ve still only got five or six of them.

Everybody’s different in how they age, and when the realization of their mortality really hits them, and what the trigger is.

I kind of like getting older so far, except for the aches in the morning, but I remember feeling panicked over turning 30, mostly because I thought I was going to have to start acting like a grownup. Didn’t happen.

So you’re getting older. Would you prefer the alternative?

I started getting gray at 17. It didn’t bother me in the slightest (in some circles, premature gray was seen as a sign of genius, BTW). Grayed temples at 30. Full gray at 40. It looks good on me.

You don’t die when you turn 30. It’s really no big deal. The angst is pointless – as you’ll eventually discover.

My fortieth birthday present was discovering a dangley grey hair growing out of my ear. Plucked it so fast it bled, but there is no turning back the clock.

You will begin to appreciate nap time once again, and if you find Depends on sale might as well stock up :slight_smile:

“Just 'cause there’s snow on the roof, doesn’t mean there’s not fire in the basement.”

<<Distinguishedly gray at the temples>>

Yes Sister I feel your pain. Even though it happens to the best of us, I think we are all a little shocked when our bodies start doing things without our consent–like some sort of very unfunny unpuberty. Before you know it, we are talking to the traitorous parts like they give a damn and aren’t really repaying us for the way we abused them in our reckless youth.

The daily conversation sounds something like this.

Now listen up body. From now on, all changes will be done only with my consent. I don’t care if that’s the way you like it. You’re gonna do things my way or we won’t do things at all.

Grey hairs?—Get the hell out of here—and you can take your sisters on my chin and upper lip with you.
Smile line my ass–that’s a wrinkle. I don’t want it.
And speaking of my ass—where did that thing come from?
Breasts!!! Girls you get back up here this instant. Stop laughing at my thighs.
Thighs—You will get back in these size 9 jeans. I don’t care if you don’t feel like it.
Tummy–You can stop right now trying to look like my ass. It doesn’t need any more help.



Sorry about that. Those of us with non-gender-specific doper names have to watch out for things like that.

How’s this, instead: It’s not a gray hair. It’s a racing stripe in training.