Holy sh*t! (what movie is this from)

I just saw an ad on TV for ‘100 scariest moments program’, the first clip was a weird faced woman saying ‘we’re gonna get you’ in a childlike voice.

It scared the shit out of me*. Anyone know what film it’s from?

[sub]* Maybe because it was completely unexpected, being an advert[/sub]

Evil Dead?

It was almost certainly Evil Dead.

Man, I know just the scene you’re talking about, but I can’t remember from where. Sorry.

Look right?

Now I’ve just got to rent that. Alll’s I can ever find is Evil Dead 2 though. :frowning:

<shudder> Yes. that’s the face. Got a fright from the link, even though this time I knew exactly what was coming.

Eh, it’s no DON’T LOOK NOW midget.

Jesus, that’s frightening.

Gaaaaah! Just mentioning that gives me shivers. Scariest movie ever. If you want to shit yourself, rent Don’t Look Now too, Lobsang.

Oooh, rent ED2. It’s the funniest horror movie there is!