Holy Shit! I'm MARRIED!!!!!

May your wedding day be the worst day of your married life, because it only keeps getting better and better. :slight_smile:

I like that one.

spooje, like you, I had to plan my wedding in a hurry, because my mother was terminally ill, and I wanted to get married with her there. To this day, I’m so glad my mom got to share that day with us (she died six weeks later). Congratulations to you and your wonderful lady! I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: marriage is the most wonderful thing in the world when you find the right person to marry. And since I’ve been married almost sixteen years, I think I have some qualifications for saying so. :wink:

Best wishes to both of you!

Soooooo, can we call your wife Mrs. Spooje or Spooje Wife both of which sound dirty.

Spooje’s Better Half. Also dirty.

Congratulations! Shotgun weddings are the best!

Congratulations, wishing you both luck and joy.

Or, The SpoojeWoman - just as courageous and sexy a fighter for justice as Wonder Woman, but a bit more messy. :smiley:

Congratulations, spooje! May you and your one true love have a lifetime of happy times together.

How about: Supercalispoojearrific.


Congratulations, spooje. I wish you both a lifetime of joy and laughter together. May you never take each other for granted.

Thanks for all the kind wishes. MOTL and I are enjoying married life so far. Now we are planning to do what married couples do…go into hideous debt!!! We are planning the purchase of a king sized bed, to accomodate us and the cats, who have been fighting us for the space. And, of course, the purchase of the house we currently live in.

But our joy is tempered by the knowledge that MOTL’s mother will probably not last the week. We see this as both sad and a blessing.

Congratulations. May your marriage be filled with open communication, and may it happy and long.

Congratulations - that’s such a lovely story :slight_smile:

Congrats and condolences.

You’ll never regret getting the king sized bed. Don’t forget to haggle! :smiley:

Thats great spooje! Congrats to you and your OTL.

Sorry to hear about your MIL. Good vibes coming your way…

Congratulations and best wishes.

I lost a very close friend to a 10-year battle with cancer last week. To read this makes me think of how, so close to the end, she hung in lucidly until the triplets ( yes… triplets :frowning: ) were back in school to ease the transition. Then, once their school started, she declined in a few weeks.

You made sure that her Mom was there in mind and body. I cannot think of a more beautiful way to start a marriage than to base it on a shared love of each other and each other’s families. You are both truly gifted to be living this.