Home wireless video broadcasting - cheap? existant?

I don’t even know if it exists, but here’s the idea:

have all of my video inputs (computer, cable, security, etc.) get thrown into Box A with Transmitter B that “broadcasts” the signals throughout my house where I can hook up antenna C to screen D.

I have a similar device in some wireless speakers - does something reasonably inexpensive exist for video signals?

X10 (the company with the annoying popup camera ads) has a wireless video device sort of like what you describe. It’s designed to put on one TV and broadcast signal to a second TV so you can watch cable, satellite, whatever on the second TV without wiring it up. The caveat is that there is no tuning on the receiving end, at least the way I have it connected; the receiving TV sees whatever single channel is tuned on the sending end.

I hooked one up to send signal from an upstairs TV with satellite connection to a downstairs TV. I have to run upstairs to change channels, but it allows me to watch CNN downstairs without paying for a second tuning box. Signal quality is degraded somewhat.


When I was in 6th grade, my dad bought me a battery powered TV. I wanted to be able to watch movie in any room. So here’s what I did.

I took the VCR, and ran the “Out to TV” RF connector to a VHF amplifier (available at any radio shack)… THen, I ran a second amp in line with the first. Finally, I connected it to a pair of rabbit ear antennas. Viola: No matter where I was, I could switch it to channel 3 or 4 and watch what I was playing in the next room.

Course, nobody believed that I had done it, so I had to prove it to EVERYONE that I told about it.

I cannot remember the trade name- I thought it was ** Video Rabbit** but nothing comes up on Google with that name.

Anyway, a device exists that you plug an RF signal into from one source, and it beams it wireless- fairly unidirectionally as I recall from helping a pal install one- to another place in your home.

Yes, it went through walls, and yes it was FCC approved. I am so sorry I can’t deliver a link, I thought it was Rabbit or something like that.

Lame answer huh? Call the local T.V. repair place, they’ll know the name of the device.


Here’s a whole page of this sort of thing.