Homeland Season 1 question: Should I continue watching? [Spoilers]

I just started watching Homeland Season 1, and up to episode 8 was great: characters, plot, acting, etc

However, I just watched episode 9 and there are so many questions/plot holes that I don’t know if I want to finish the season.

[li]1 drone strike that kills the son of his captor, and he’s willing to attack his own country for it? Far fetched.[/li][li]Especially far fetched given that (1) As a marine he must have known about attacks that have civilian casualties and (2) His own kids are back at home and could be hurt by any terrorist attack he undertakes on the US[/li][li]He seems to have pledged to get back at the US for the drone strike, and when he has doubts and says he wants no part of it, his “friend” has thugs beat the crap out of him, break his ribs with a crowbar, and kidnap him. Then this “friend” calmly reminds him about his anger at the drone strikes and his promise to take revenge for it.[/li][LIST]
[li]You know, a true friend might somehow force you a meeting with him, so he can remind you of the old days, and of your promises, but I don’t think breaking your ribs is the best way to bring up the “but you promised, and we’re friends” angle[/li][li]It would have been more believable if they thugs who broke his ribs and kidnapped him just said “Just try to get out of this, and you’ll see what we do to you and your family”[/li][/ul]

Anyway, am I missing something? Did I misinterpret this latest episode?

And overall, was it worth it for you when you finally finished seeing Season 1? Should I continue watching?

IMO you should definitely finish season 1. I didn’t have a problem with how Brody was turned, and the finale was pretty awesome. But in seasons 2 and 3 the plot holes only get more glaring and unbelievable. I’m hoping season 4 is the “reset” button this show needs, but I’m not holding my breath.