Homer is PittBullDawg?

Is this true? Or are there 2 fucking piles of inbred , poor-white-trash this pathetic on the planet?

“Show me a sane man, and I will cure him for you.”----Jung

Maybe his pit-bull ate his freaking car stereo…

Well, you all know how I feel about the subject.

Inbred knuckledragging dog-fucking, uncle-sucking, poor excuse for a red-neck.

Makes Mr. & Mrs. Shitboy look enlightened.

Next you will see the Dawg start a thread on how to effectively run minorities out of town.

Fucking loser.

What the hell is going on? Did the Loser Webpage post a link to the SD??

Can we have some sort of screening commitee…no, never mind that wouldnt work, lord knows who Davidb would approve!!

Who is homer? Homer Simpson? My name is Keith. I live in Texas. And I’ve just recently started using this board, and I’m not going away. Let me know if you ever need directions to my house.

Why is it y’all accuse every single person on here that you don’t like of being someone else? I’m sure it happens, but I doubt it’s as common as y’all act like.

I take care of my kids, they want for nothing. They get my time and they get a decent life too. And they love their Dad dearly.

No I’m not a redneck and I don’t fuck uncles or dogs. And I even have all my teeth (very nice teeth as a matter of fact) and hair (even nicer hair!)! I was raised in Arkansas so it would be hard for me to dispute the inbred accusation (although i was born in castro valley, ca). But my mother swears she isn’t related to my dad. Who knows. I don’t have a protruding forehead and I’m quite handsome, so that’s a good sign. I never fucked my sister either but she had a few hot friends that I did. Thank gawd for slutty women! I love y’all!

I would expect no less from the likes of Kelli. She, like most uneducated people, has to resort to name calling and childish things like that because she can’t actually dispute anything I’ve said. She’s just pissed because I hurt her feelings. She appears to be one fucked up person though. Anyone that talks about seriously killing themself needs to seek professional help, not help from a bunch of pompous assholes that frequent this board. Kelli never fails to show her socialist side either. Let’s get rid of anyone that says anything that hurts my itty bitty feelings. Fuck your feelings, Kelli. You want to kill your self? Don’t talk about it, do it! But what you want is attention. What you really need to do is grow up, be an adult and face your hardships. Fucking cry baby. Maybe if you had enough sense to get an education you could get a decent job and you wouldn’t be so dependent on some fucking loser of a man. (and yes i think even though he left you because you are a terrible wife that’s no excuse for him to abandon his kids. but hey kelli, don’t you ever fucking forget YOU PICKED HIM!!!) But instead you laid back and spread your legs so you could get pregnant hoping, like a lot of women, to trap a man. Then with your constant bitching ragging nagging he finally left your dumb ass.

Bosda… well what can I say about Bosda, a 46 year old photo developer that probably lives in a one room apartment above some skanky bar downtown on skid row.

The fact is some of you people would rather have a warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy rather then hear the truth. And the truth is you are weak, feeble minded people that have an inane ability to dish it out but you just can’t take it. I, on the other hand, get quite a kick out of your insults and “flames” or name calling or whatever the fuck happens to be the word of the day… oh yeah, I can’t forget TROLL (it appears that on here anyone is a troll if someone doesn’t like you)! Not only can I take it, but I can even make jokes about myself.

Why is it, MEN, that women are allowed to be as rude and hostile as they like and are never called on it. But let a man say something a woman doesn’t like and it’s like the fucking world has ended. I’m so sick of wimpy pussy men.

There’s some really cool people on here. I even like some of the people that find me repugnant. There’s some extremely intelligent people on here (i bow to your superior knowledge, as ben stein would say) And some real dumb asses too. This, apparently is their only outlet (the latter, not the former for those mentally challenged amongst us). They have no real friends so the internet is their home. That’s fine. I don’t have a problem with that. I just wish they would wake up to the fact that they are living an illusion.

More to come!

But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

The ever insensitive, politically incorrect PitBullDawg.
Political correctness is a disease. Cure it with the truth.

p.s. I think Jack Nicholsan described women perfectly in As Good As It Gets. The lady asked how he was able to portray women so accurately in his writings (or something to that effect), and Jack responded:

I just think of a man and then I take away REASON & ACCOUNTIBILITY and voila!

It’s a rare find when you find a reasonable woman. But they are out there. I know, I have one.

The ever insensitive, politically incorrect PitBullDawg.
Political correctness is a disease. Cure it with the truth.


Then how could you possibly have the background to make a statement like this? After all, your profile states you have been a member all of three days.

Wow – right from the horse’s mouth. Quick, do some more childish name calling.

Do you honestly believe that anything Kelli has written about you on this board deserves this kind of cruel and callous resonse, or are you simply taking the opportunity to demonstrate that what she wrote about you was accurate.

I have a great respect for the truth. If you ever encounter it you might understand. From your behavior so far, I would say that you confuse truth with offense. Just in case you have honest motives, I will give yo a hint: the truth can hrt, but that is never its sole intent.

I have often found fear and insecurity to be at the heart of unreasoning anger. A person who is self-assured rarely needs to rage against stereotypes.

Obviously not, since you have taken the time to make 54 posts in three days. Hoem for the holidays, eh?

Show me, drill sergeant.

Just when I thought you were lacking in self-awarenes . . .

She has my deepest sympathies. You are obviously a very lucky man.

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.

BTW – anyone seen Speakeasy recently?

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.

Actually, that’s not true, Pitbull.
There are many heated discussions and flame wars going on here all the time, but the troll word is very rarely used. It’s reserved for people who post inflammatory remarks for no particular reason.

Your previous posts show arrogance and a mean spirit.

Your latest post shows that you are an insensitive, drooling Neanderthal as well.

Happy New Year.


  1. I can make that statement because I have read a lot of the posts on here and have seen how y’all call everyone on here a troll if you don’t like them. It isn’t that hard to read. I usually skip a lot of the posts as mindless blathering (sort of like what i’m doing now… blathering mindlessly. but who is worse the blatherer or the one who listens to him?)

  2. Whether or not Kelli deserves that or not isn’t the point. She’s a bitch that thinks she can slam anyone without any retribution. I have read a lot of her posts and that much is obvious to me. She’s also very unstable and for the sake of her kids I hope she seeks help. whoever fucked up her head like that should be shot.

  3. Home for the holidays? I wish. I’m working for the holidays. Just like most computer geeks I had to work new years eve “just in case” (fucking morons, i knew nothing was going to happen that warranted all the hysteria). It sucks, but hey the money is good. 54 posts? I had no idea. I guess this is 55. btw- i do have saturday off… so i won’t be here to bless you all with my presence again until sunday (maybe) Who knows, today is first saturday in downtown dallas and i may go find me a motherboard so i can repair my home pc. i have a life though so i hardly use the internet from home (when my pc isn’t fried :-p)

  4. Show you what? That people that live vicariously through the internet are living an illusion? That would be redundant.

  5. Yes I am a lucky man. But I can assure you she will tell you she is the lucky one. My woman is treated like a queen and a goddess because to me that’s what she is(that’s how a real man treats his woman because if you can’t love her that much then she deserves better then you). Her kids love me too btw. and i love them.

peace and happy new year

The ever insensitive, politically incorrect PitBullDawg.
Political correctness is a disease. Cure it with the truth.

btw- you once again proved my point. you can see the things said about me in this post and how crude and nasty people are. but of course they are excused for it because i’m the real culprit here. grow some balls you gutless prick. you can say i am wrong about some things, and maybe you are right. but i didn’t start this post. so if the bitch can’t take it then she needs to keep my name out of her vocabulary.

The ever insensitive, politically incorrect PitBullDawg.
Political correctness is a disease. Cure it with the truth.

I vote we starve it to death, starting now.

Ayesha - Lioness

There are two solutions to every problem : the wrong one, and mine
(Thomas A. Edison)

Is this directed at me?

Once again, you exhibit the very behavior you rail against.

I am sure you feel very manly and powerful hurling your grade school insults from the safety of your keyboard. Had you the capacity for rational thought and reasoned argument you might have found a way to express your ideas effectively. Instead, you have simply made it abundantly evident that your lack of the courage to defend your beliefs is perfectly matched by your lack of ability to express them effectively.

But please, feel free to call me some more names if it will make you feel better.

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.

Hey, everybody, I just bought this IBM Startup2 software that’s supposed to enable me to build a website without having to know anything. Anybody know anything about it? I’m pretty computer-illiterate - did I waste my money or will this thing work like it says?

Carpe diem - Seize the day
Carpe noctem - Seize the night
Carpe cerevisi - Seize the beer

I second the motion.

Leslie Irish Evans

[list type=A]
[li]I’m 36–Learn your sums, chump. And it’s a very NICE bar.(sarcasm, for the benefit of the Dawg)[/li][li]You are not fit to shine Kellibelli’s shoes, Pitts–and don’t you forget it![/li][li]They grow everything bigger in Texas; including, apparently, assholes.[/li][li]If PittBullShit is not Homer–where is the little twerp?[/li][/list]

“Show me a sane man, and I will cure him for you.”----Jung

Homer’s busy setting up a Klan chapter in Valdosta.

–>starvation diet for bigots of all ilk<–

Know what I really, really hate? When restaurants serve ketchup in those squeeze bottles, but they don’t clean them and that crusty goo builds up on the opening and no way you want the contents on any food substance you’re planning to ingest.


Veb, even worse than that are the fast food ketchup packets that you need a blowtorch to open.

Your Official Cat Goddess since 10/20/99.

“We are here! You are saved!” --R. & F.

Well, geez, I TRIED to hijack this earlier, but got ignored! I didn’t realize ketchup was so fascinating!

Ever stepped on one of those little ketchup packs and squirted ketchup all over the kitchen? Talk about a mess! Especially if it squirts out behind you as you are leaving, and you don’t realize it happened until the next morning . . .

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. - Aldous Huxley

Hello, all. I am me, and me only. But again, thanks for noticing.

BTW, Daniel, why aren’t you publicizing the fact that you’re Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor?

But thanks for the unwarranted inbred poor white trash slam.


We are the children of the Eighties. We are not the first “lost generation” nor today’s lost generation; in fact, we think we know just where we stand - or are discovering it as we speak.