Homestar Runner updated today!

And no, this isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke, it really updated.


The funny thing is that Fark linked a video in its “It’s 2004” prank. I was so sure you were referring to that.

Surely that must be some sort of record for “longest time between updates on an entertainment website”?

Can someone explain why this is significant? I’m seeing an eruption of joy and celebration in my Facebook page today, and I’ve never even heard of this website. I checked it out and it seems to be just Flash games and other inconsequential time-wasters. Why the hallelujahs?

What a horrible design. I thought Geocities shut down.

woot new Strong Bad email!

I kinda lost track of this, so I can only remember a few emails, like Trogdor/dragon, email, Englilish paper, guitar, death metal. I think I’d need to start again.

Also, I feel old.


While I agree it looks very dated (mainly small resolution), that looks nothing like Geocities. For two, there’s flash, and no <blink> tag. And… frames.

This is the saddest thing I’ve read all week, and my week included a visit to the Holocaust Museum.

This seems appropriate for the thread… Somebody did an amazing mash-up of Daft Punk’s entire “Random Access Memories” album and Strong Bad’s (other) techno masterpiece “fhqwhgads.”

Looking dated was always part of the HR in jokes. Hell, this new update has a downloadable Windows 98 theme.

Yep, exactly part of the humor/aesthetic. But, I too, don’t get the Geocities reference. It’s absolutely nothing like Geocities, but I’m pretty sure one of the SB emails did play with the whole early web, animated GIFs, auto-play MIDIs, textured background, schizophrenic font and color scheme choices, etc…

They lost me after Strong Bad sold out and got the Lappy 486.

Just that it looks like it is optimized for 800x600 or something. The intro is tiny on my 1680x1050.

Ah, yes, here’s the Cheat’s webpage from Homestar Runner that is a tribute to those early web designs. :slight_smile:

Now that is Geocities, complete with broken image link.


Although now I have an earworm and keep humming Trogdor.

“Burninating the countryside…”

That’s not a new one, if you mean the “videography” one. (That’s from at least two years ago.) If there’s another one, I missed it.

Homestar Runner had funny internet videos five years before there was a such thing as YouTube. It’s a humorous video website, not a game website. It’s akin to a YouTube channel with a lot of cartoons on it. And it finally updated again after three and a half years of silence.

It was quite popular. I don’t know anyone who was in the channel’s age bracket when it was active who did not know about it. If you were in college or high school during its heyday, I’d expect you to know about it. So pretty much anyone from age 22 to 32 would feel the nostalgia.

Surely if you have that wide a screen, you know about your browser’s zoom function. This is flash–it’s not going to look pixelated. But, yeah, the videos were designed to work at even 640x480, although it looks better on 800x600 (and some videos depended on that).

I’d recommend the Greasemonkey script, which not only maximizes the image but gives you subtitles, but the HRWiki is not doing so well these days. I’m guessing it’s running on some guy’s computer in his basement. It’s very slow. Oddly enough, it was fine as recently as Christmas (when there was a slight update on the site: just a “Happy Decemberween” message.)

BTW, I forgot to mention something in my other post: the Homestar Runnder website never had advertizing. It was subsidized entirely through merchandise. Granted, the required bandwidth is much lower–it was designed to work on dialup even, though you’d wait a few minutes for the video to load–but I’ve always appreciated them fro that.

The HRWiki followed suit, which is probably why it’s so slow now. They predate Wikia, and felt it was wrong to make money off of the show they loved–especially when they quote entire episodes and the DVD commentaries. They even have a script that will subtitle all videos (as well as make them fullscreen–which was nice before browsers had site-by-site zoom.)


BTW, you can also watch all the videos on their YouTube page. They did eventually give in to doing that, as Internet videos that weren’t on YouTube pretty much might as well not have existed for a lot of people

BTW, I discovered that they are all hidden if you have Safe Search enabled. Odd since they were specifically designed for all ages, with no cursing or anything.