Hooray for Breakfast!

Bestest meal of the day is breakfast!

Cereal! Pancakes! Eggs! Bacon! Omellette! Grits! Fresh Orange Juice! Waffles!Sausage! Hash Browns! Bagel and Cream Cheese! Fresh Fruit!

Hooray for BReakfsT!!!

…and a few pots of coffee, apparently.

My guess is Gangster Octopus went to Shoney’s breakfast bar. I have discovered that salmon patties, left over from supper, are good for breakfast along with scrambled eggs, grits and biscuits. I likes discovering a new breakfast goodie.

It reads to me like he had several bowls of Sugar-Frosted Sugar Bombs. With sugar.

Heh, actually I no longer drink coffee (although I do like it and miss it in the morning with…BREAKFAST!) and did I did not indulge in the Sugar Pops with extra sugar. I was simply enjoying my breakfast croissant with a big thing of OJ and celebrating breakfast while those around me forego it for some inexlplicable insane reason.
Hooray for Breakfast!

He’ll be able to send away for the little red beanie with the star on it before too long. But beware: assembly required. And no, it doesn’t help you to fly. :smiley:

most healthy meal of the day, i bet if you ask a fat person if they eat breakfast they will say no… due to breakfast being the most important meal of the day and also starting up your motablism for the rest of the day… so if you thought you were getting fat by eating breakfast you were way off, matter of fact it will lower your body fat percentage if done over a period of time. It also stops you from getting olsers and also increasing your energy and highering your attention span

:dubious: Not buying that. Healthy is as healthy does, and there’s a big difference between eating a bowl of Raisin Bran with orange juice, eating half a box of poptarts with Koolaid, and not eating breakfast at all.

Back to the OP – I vote for Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs. With sugar. :smiley:

With chocolate milk.

Just ask me – I religiously enjoy a healthy breakfast (Total, milk, orange juice) and I’m *definitely * overweight.

But yeah, I could go for breakfast at every meal. Of course with all the eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, cereal, French toast, grits, fruit, muffins, croissants, bagels, lox, cream cheese, waffles, real maple syrup, butter, ham – lordy, I’d weigh half a ton.

But the box it comes in is kick-ass.

Some of the responses I’m seeing here are flicking a switch in the back of my mind (like the one in the basement at your Aunt’s place…the one that had to be flicked up and down a handful of times before the flourscent light would finally turn on). I inadvertantly channeled Calvin earlier, didn’t I? :slight_smile:

Hey, I love breakfast. Just not in the morning. I can’t bear to eat things in the morning - I’ve tried, hard, and I’ll make it a week or so but not stick with it.

I’m not overweight, thank you. Although I could be in better shape, particularly cardiovascularly.

Breakfast for me, as it sould be for ny good Nordic warrior, consists of the meat of whatever animals we happened to kill last night, and found on the table this morning. Unless we are assulting the enemy. Then we feed upon their fear, and drink their blood, as they all either fall or flee!

(Although, I do enjoy an occational bagel, with cream cheese.)

Viking warriors knew how important it was to stretch before battle.

He might be able to make a time machine with it, or a Transmogrifier. If combined it with a colander, he could create an Atomic Cerebral Enhance-o-tron. The possibilities are endless!

Sounds good.

Except for the eggs part. Eggs are yucky. They smell bad when you cook them and they look gross on the plate.

I won’t touch French toast for the same reason. Dipping perfectly good bread in egg yolk…icky icky icky.

I’ll take the bacon and pancakes though. And GOOD coffee.

Croissants. Good strawberry jam. Hot coffee. The New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle and a blue pen. Heaven.

As somebody who was totally rushed and reduced to feeding on Peanut Butter & Jelly sammich bones this morning (some from kid snax last night, some while cleaning out their lunch boxes for today’s feast) I absolutely resent this thread.

I’m so hungry I could eat a whole pig, a dozen eggs and about 4 pounds of shreeded & fried russets (or an equal weight of grits with butter & salt & pepper). Woe unto the customers who try to wheedle more money out of me before lunchtime today!

I almost always eat leftovers for weekday breakfast. Cold spaghetti this morning at 8:00 am. Yummy! Sometimes I eat a handful of nuts. Tuesday I had leftover grilled salmon and wild rice. Cold.

And I’m overweight. :frowning: That’s why I started eating breakfast! I heard it helps the metabolism. Hasn’t helped much, truthfully.