Hooray for brunch!

Yes, brunch, the God of all meals. If ever I am walking down the road and happen upon the man who created brunch, I would thank him and renown him as the genius that he is, then probably give him a belgian waffle of some sort.

Seriously, though, brunch is such a good idea. Where else can you have foods that are usually staples of only breakfast or lunch, TOGETHER? Not only that, but it is the spawn of hybrids of the two, such as eggs benedict, and the “breakfast potato”.

But don’t forget that brunch is also very accomidating for those of us who don’t want to rise early, but still love breakfast foods. Operating within a very vaguely defined time slot, brunch allows for maximum sleep-age, while still having a pancake or omelet prepared when you come down.

So, brunch, I salute you, and I hope that everyone else will, too.

I think I’ll end this thread with the immortal words of Homer J. Simpson, when asked how he managed to gain so much weight between high school and the present:

“I discovered a meal between breakfast and brunch.”

We can only dream.


“And it comes with a slice of melon.”


My sentiments exactly. Brunch is the best meal, especially on Sunday when I can’t be bothered to start cooking before 11am.

Yummy. I like pancakes. Breakfast food is good. Yet another reason to like Denny’s and IHOP.

That raises an interesting point. I’ve actually never been to an IHOP. Sure, heard plenty about em, and I love pancakes, but I’ve never made it to one. How much am I missing?

I wish I had brunch more often. Usually I just have snacks, no meals at all :eek:

Brunch is a most civilized tradition.

Huzzah for brunch!

And yes, I love brunch dearly . . . they even call the noonish meal on campus Saturday and Sunday here brunch. [aproprate food is served.]

Here in Vegas, brunch is only served on Sundays, at buffets, at twice the regular buffet price.

It comes with cheap champagne from a gun. I’ve gotten better stuff for three dollars a bottle.

It is virtually impossible to find a buffet that does not serve “champagne brunch” on Sundays.

If my mom and I are in the mood for a late breakfast at a buffet, we drink as much of the cheap champagne as they’ll let us.

Gotta get your money’s worth, and if you have to pay double to have breakfast on Sunday, you might as well get drunk while you’re at it.

Jester, Jester, Jester. Take your newly acquired drivers license in hand and go try a Rooty Tooty Fresh 'n Fruity. All the fun of various breakfast foods without the rattling of pots and pans.

I still cherish the day I met Cliff…

I must admit, I’m intrigued…