Hooray for the illegality of marijuana!

I don’t care how many people die because of alcohol, vehicles, or a combination of the two. I don’t care if pot is “not addictive” or dangerous. I’m glad it’s illegal because it’s GIANT BOOT UP THE ASS OF ALL YOU HIPPIE FUCKS. “But you can make rope and… and clothes with it, maaan…” GET STUFFED YOU FUCKING FILTHY PIECE OF SHIT. You’re making excuses, just like the defenders of Napster. The fact is, YOU WANT POT TO BE LEGAL SO YOU CAN FORGET YOUR MISERABLE PATHETIC LIFE BY FUCKING WITH YOUR BRAIN. “Whoa, man, light a doobie and mellow out…” NO, HOW ABOUT I MELLOW YOU OUT… PERMANENTLY! (That is, by killing you.) “I’m not hurting anybody…” NOT HALF AS MUCH AS I’D LIKE TO HURT YOU. But all the same, your stupid-ass stoner behavior and the godawful stench certainly qualify, to say nothing of the natural odor and general annoyance of pot’s biggest proponents. And by the way, hippie, if you ever try that “spare change for marijuana research” line on me again, I will not only again not give you the spare change that I give to everyone else who asks, I’ll see if I can get you arrested. You fuck.


[sub]spooje backs away slowly[/sub]

It takes you that long to spit out two sylables? You’re obviously under the influence! Eat fist, dreadlocked miscreant!

If pot was legal, I probably would not have been able to afford it back when I was between jobs. But since it was illegal, I could buy a bag, roll up half of it and sell it, and make my money back.


I’m not even really sure where to begin with this one, but I suspect a suggestion that you might could use an enema isn’t a bad start.
1st of all, I’m not a “hippie”, i lived in Colorado for 5 years and I don’t particularly like the lifestyle or the aesthetic either, but i gotta say, i find such vitriol towards such a benign counterculture sort of baffling. More than that, its ignorant and stereotypical in the extreme.
Secondly, and more importantly, you might be surprised to find out that consumption of Marijuana in not (NOT EVEN CLOSE) to limited to “hippies”. I have friends who are lawyers, doctors, business professionals, well known actors, who all enjoy a good toke now and again (myself included). I think the idea that we are sitting in someones apartment listening to music and smoking a joint and thereby commiting a crime is ridiculous. Particularly when, as is oft cited around here, the imparitive effects of our national intoxicant (booze) are considerable more destructive. You hear a lot more about people getting in bar fights or abusing spouses after a six pack than you do about people doing so after a couple of bong hits. Given that alcohol is legal, the public welfare issue in keeping pot illegal seems moot. So we are left with what amounts to essentially a government rather arbitrarily telling us what we can and cannot ingest. You don’t like the way pot makes you feel? fine, don’t smoke it or allow it in your house, like tobacco.
But before you cast around about peoples pathetic miserable little lives and trying to forget them by fucking with ones brain, remember, its MY brain, and it seems to me to be functioning at least as articulately and rationally as yours, i suspect probably more so. And if people are free to eat fast food and high sodium that fucks up and wastes away thier organs and makes them obese till they have premature heart attacks, then fuck you for daring to tell me that the wasting away of my brain should be in the governments hands to dictate.
Why is it always the people who need a joint the worst are the same people who object to pot the loudest?

Hmm. Mentally going through my list of friends, all professionals in financial and legal fields, just trying to think of one that doesn’t have an occasional toke…

Yeah, I suppose I must be honest - there are a few.

Whatever made you think that this was a hippy activity Vamps? Do proper hippies even still exist fercryinoutloud? How old are you?

Lands sakes - pot isn’t “alternative lifestyle” anymore. The only “alternative” it features is an alternative to booze.


As a sort of adendum/sort of hijack, I’d like to add:

Most of the folks I know think that computers (the internet and message boards and chatting and video games and such) are methods for people to try and forget thier miserable pathetic lives as well. IN some cases i suspect this is true, just as it is with pot, but the net in legal to all. Even though there are a lot of folks misusing it for criminal purposes and as a substitute for meaningful human interaction.

 Is this a leap? I feel that it isn't. Once you refute the public safety issue (which alcohol does nicely), and the "my body, my choice" issue, which i feel that I did adequately in my last post, you aren't left with much to hang a law on beyond the idea that the government is somehow saving people from themselves, in which case we should probably ban anything which can serve as a substitute or a distraction from a meaningful fulfilling existence.

 Do I even need to make a list? Pick something. People can abuse anything they want, and will go to amazing lengths to distract themselves from thier own pathetic lives. Marijuana seems to me to be a less efficient option than booze if that is the assumed motive.
 Most of the folks I know that like weed just like it cuz its relaxing. Artificially relaxing, perhaps, but in most cases its organic, unlike most of our food, cigarettes, booze, caffiene, over the counter drugs, and sodas, to name a few. They all alter our body chemistry, hormone levels, triglycerides, and nervous systems as well.
 I hate when people start talking about mood enhancers being "fake" when pot in particular is one of the few ingestibles in the world today that isn't (usually) tainted by some sort of chemical processing. Its as natural as it gets.

Again, I think you should lighten up.

Whoa, man, light a doobie and mellow out. :wink:

Yeah, that kind of talk really makes your average norm rally together under one standard and really take on societies scourge, the hippy.
Space Vampire, you’re not in a 1950’s McCarthy Witchhunt. Methinks that you took Reefer Madness way too seriously.
God help you if you ever met a crackhead…
Or, if that was your attempt at trying to wind people up, well, you suck at that too.

I’m with Kayeby.

I think vamp needs to smoke a little joint. His reality seems just a leeeetle tweaked.

Hooray for the Netherlands, you narrow minded idiot.

Having panhandler issues SV? There are laws in place already to control what you are thinking of doing: murdering panhandlers.

This thread should be closed: this is no place to advocate violence no matter how heartfelt.

Well, if Space Vampire ‘screamed’ it (i.e. all caps) . . . then it must be true. :rolleyes:

Go stuff a bottle of water and ethanol up your ass mate.


He’s not worth it, I know.


You’re not even worth receiving my lowly advice Space Vampire, but try to hold the caps if you don’t want to come off as the fucknut that you obviously are.

— G. Raven

Hmn, that was supposed to be one post and it was supposed to look different. I guess I’m the fucknut of the hour, sorry all.

As the flyers for punk bands said:

Pre-Show: $3
Day of show: $5
Hippies: $100

Not having hippies at your show: Priceless

Morrison’s Lament, don’t worry, Space Vampire still has you beat by a long shot.

I’d light a joint, and gleefully blow smoke-rings at all of you, but I can’t find any pot here! Weird, as I’d think Koreans would LOVE the stuff, as much as they drink…