Hoosier wants to meet the NYC Dopers!

On the temp board, I started a thread called “How formal is a Broadway Play?” I got lots of good advice (thanks!) and then zebra asked me when I was going to have dinner with the NYC Dopers. Right about then, the mods started the ominous disclaimer about meetings. Then The Real Board reopened. I never heard any more.

Here’s the basics: Mrs. Nott and I will be in Manhattan April11th through the morning of April 14th. We’ll be seeing “Proof” at the Walter Kerr on Friday evening, and “A Prairie Home Companion” at Town Hall on Saturday evening. Our free time will be:
Thursday 2:00pm-bedtime
Friday 3:00-7:00pm
Saturday until 5:15pm

Do you think we can get together for lunch and/or a few cold ones?

Well, with a schedule like that, I think that Thursday, April 11 would be a great time for one of our Thursday DopeDinners. Whadda ya think?

If I gots the cash, you’ll see my ass.

Hey, that doesn’t even rhyme.

Y’all are still keeping that up? Sweet! I may infringe on the company at hand for the evening.

I’d give plenty of warning tho . . .

Quite predictably, I’m also up for a Thursday night Doper Dinner.

Predictably? I reckon so. I’ll put it on our calendar. You can pretty much count on me whenever anyone mentions cold ones.

Hey, great! Do you have a place in mind? We Notts don’t know our way around NYC. We’ll be staying at 123 W. 57th Street, the Salisbury


I can probably make it…thanks for giving advance notice!

With a location like that, we can easily slide you uptown to the Upper West Side, or downtown to the Village. I usually let the Type A Personalities pick the restaurant, and just show up, myself.

Might that even be gently and predictably?

Oh, wait, that’s something else.

Yeah, yeah, I’m up for it. Thursday the 11th.

Oh, and biggirl? Getcher damn taxes done early and spend your refund with us!

I’m bumping this thread because the time is almost here! We’ll be there next Thursday. If you’re not just toying with me, let’s get this thing set up. OK? I anxiously await your replies.


Lordy, my ass is popping up all over the place. No one has picked a place yet? I’d nominate one or two, but nobody’ll want to come since any place I’d recommend would be in Brooklyn.

Well, Biggirl, what places would you suggest? So far, you’re the only one with the, um, ovaries to volunteer to pick a place. We’ve been tickling maps and reading about subways and such.

Whaddya think, then? Thai? Italian? BBQ? Irish pub?


I should be up for this, even if I won’t be staying late. Just let me know where, ok?

I am also kinda, you know, interested. And stuff. So, like, maybe I’ll be there, and like that?

We’ll be leaving home before dawn on Thursday. Most of the time before then will be spent in the frantic scurrying of preparation. Travel is so relaxing!:stuck_out_tongue:

Yer pal,

I had almost forgotten about this. I’d like ot come, but we’d need to find a babysitter and I have to wait til my wife gets home to see if she left any damn money in the acc …

Oops. Never mind. Crap. Just remembered we’re having friends for dinner Thurday.

Mm, friends …

Oh, well. See y’all soon, I hope.

You’ll be in New York? I go to college in Indiana and my housemates and I are going to New York on the 11th, returning on the 14th, as well. Come to think of it, you’re not one of my housemates are you? We’re going to go see Les Miserables while we’re out there, and hang out in Central Park, and all that New Yorkish stuff that tourists do. Maybe I’ll see you there… uhh… in that city of millions and millions of people. Anyway, safe travels!

You realize that, if we can ever figure out where we’re going (someone make a decision, dammit! :)), you (and your housemates) are more than welcome to join us, abel. As long as a decision is made before I head to work Thursday morning, I plan to be there. ('Cause otherwise, I won’t be able to find out where we’re going or anything like that)

Nevermind me tonight. I’m a little babb-ly, that’s all.

Well, here’s the only hitch. We’re going to be driving from Indiana, and some of us have classes until 5:00 p.m., so we won’t get out of here until dinnertime, so… rats.

Well, I’ll think of you all as I wander around New York aimlessly looking at tall buildings and buying fake watches from streetside vendors (or is that just my uninformed stereotype?). If you see 6 silly looking tourist-types wearing bright Indonesian shirts and being silly this weekend, chances are it’s me and my buddies, enjoying the last vestiges of our youth. Wheee!

Coming down to the wire here. Someplace to eat, drink and talk for the day after tomorrow. I see you’ve got from 2pm till bedtime.

We could go to The Gate. There’s no food but you can order in. Apparentlybeer , has been spotted there. If the weather is nice we can sit outside.