Horns for the Grill of my Car

I see lawmen in Texas seem to have them. Are such things legal in
the US?

More critically, who the heck sells them? I have Googled for half an hour and found no leads.

Yes they are legal. You can buy longhorns or cattle horns for your car at various antique or odd stuff stores. I’ve never seen them advertised.

May I inquire where you see that? I’ve driven all over Texas and have never seen them on a law enforcement car. Never have any of the law enforcement individuals I know, from an FBI agent to Texas Ranger to Highway Patrolman to DEA to city policemen ever displayed such non-essential hardwear either. All I can recall is seeing them once or twice on some yahoo’s Cadillac, so not that they don’t exist but their prominent display is anything but frequent.

There’s a very reputable place called Jernigans that sells horns that I suppose you could attach to your car. I’ve used them as taxidermists and they do nice work and have on-line sales.

Maybe he means lawyers.

Or, if you’re a real man, you can try these on for size.

(I admit it, I only know Texas from the movies.)

In Pennsylvania a car has to have a safety inspection yearly. I’ve heard that any hood ornament that would add to injuries if you hit someone is not allowed. Will look for a cite.

Well what about Georgia? Didn’t Boss Hogg have some horns on his Eldorado drop top?

Huh. I cannot find a supportive cite. You are not allowed to have “loose or dislocated parts protruding from the body”. Subchapter E, 175.77.BODY (d). Huh. :confused:


I can’t remember if he did, but that’s exactly the kind of car I would picture them being on. I think I’ve only actually seen them once in real life, and that was on such a car at a resort in Grapevine.

In the movies, everybody in Texas wears boots and a big old cowboy hat. In reality, most of the people here look pretty much like the people anywhere else. So do their cars. You might see a “dude” type at the bar on Saturday night with a hat, but in just normal day-to-day activities there aren’t many, and this is even big time cattle country. Same with guns, I can’t remember the last time I saw a gun rack in a pickup (somebody would just bust the glass and steal them I’d imagine). Nobody has a six shooter on his hip.

I admit I have seen bull horns on a car, but not an ordinary daily driver. More like a novelty car for parades and such.

James Hetfield (lead singer for Metallica) has a pair of pretty big ones mounted on his truck. I see him driving around from time to time.

Sweet! I’m soo getting moose antlers on my little car.

I am looking for something tasteful and elegant. I was thinking about them two-meter jobs. Simple and timeless.

Nudie Cohn was a Ukranian born tailor known as the “Rodeo Tailor to the Stars”. He was famous for designing Elvis Presley’s $10,000 gold lamé suit. He had a store in North Hollywood called Nudie’s. He designed a bunch of cars with horns on them such as this one owned by Hank Williams Jr. When I was a kid in L.A. I’d seen him driving one around a couple of times.

TV isn’t real.

I have some hanging on the house over the front door. If you want em let me know. I have about 40 deer heads on my walls. Hundreds of antlers on the barn.

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Then you’ll get in trouble for impersonating an officer of the law.

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