Horror Music Video - HEALTH "We are Water"

Never seen anything quite like it.

What’s up with the “single scene in slow motion” trend of videos I’ve been seeing lately? Is it because they work well on youtube?

My JuJu Bone.

Not quite safe for work, a new video from Glenn Danzig and Devil’s Dolls Lewiston.

Titties and Evil.

Osteen not Lewiston.

Jon Lewis.

Funny thing is, I know John Lewis.

That’s disturbing, but not epic. What are the preconditions to this scene? Backstory? Who was realy just? This woman might have killed several others brutally but we have no motif.

Woman? It’s the lead singer in drag.

I’m a big fan of HEALTH, I also like their videos for “Die Slow” and “USA Boys”, both of which are flagged NSFW by YouTube but aren’t anywhere close to the level of “We Are Water”.

In terms of epic video, to me nothing beats this one (mostly the opening scene): Hooray for Earth - True Loves

And while we’re jawin’ on dark/well done music vids, here’s a really cool one I saw the other day, not safe for epileptics: Liturgy - Returner

Yeah, the “We are Water” video is pretty powerful.

It was directed by Eric Wareheim, from the “Tim and Eric Awesome Show”.

He’s quite the director.

I love his video for Major Lazer’s “Keep it Going Louder”

(Also probably NSFW)