Horsecleaning Announcement

Just read this board and there is shit all over the place. You’re all a bunch of pottymouths. Fucking pottymouths. Disgusting.


Just where does this behaviour take place? Any links, perchance?

[Comic Book Store Guy] My Irony detector is working overload [/comic book store guy]

And here I thought this thread was going to be a rant about dirty horses.

Hmm… I thought this was a duplicate thread to the “Housecleaning Announcement”, and I would just repeat myself.

Oh, well, just substitute “horseshit” for Communist and um…

Dear Dr. Paprika:

My mother and I are having a disagreement. She says it’s pronounced “PAPP-rik-ah,” and I say it’s pronounced “pa-PREEK-ah”. Please reply soon because she won’t let me sprinkle it on the potato salad until I “give”.

I know I’m right.



I chose this name because “Dr_Pepper” had already been taken. I’m not Hungarian. But I am on your side. Tell your mom to take the PAP-reek-a far away. In my experience, though, the best spice with potatoes is cumin.

Sorry, Coldfire.

Was not meaning to disparage the fine boards here.
At the hospital for the last 36 hours and in my dissociative fugue couldn’t come up with anything else to do with horsecleaning. :o

In fairness, though, I do recall recent threads titled “shitshitshitshitshit” and a vivid description telling us way to much about techchick.

Dear Conflicted in Illinois,

10 lashes with a wet noodle to both of you: The word is pronounced pap-REEK-ah. You’re both mistaken. But in this busy, workaday world in which we live, it’s nice to see you communicating with your mother.

Oh, and since this is the holiday season, when you’re shopping, you should be careful when you get into cars. Gangs members are hiding under cars and cutting women’s ankles as part of a sick initiation ritual.

So you and your mom should take care, or, in your pronunciation debate, you mightn’t be left with a leg to stand on!


Cumin on potatoes? Blah. Parsley and salt.

Parmesan and butter on potatos. Maybe some chives.

Right, that’s what I’m saying, it’s “pap-REEK-ah”, with the accent on the middle sy-LAB-ble. I seem to recall that it was people on PBS cooking shows in the 1980’s who started pronouncing it as “PAP-rik-ah”, which I thought sounded pretentiously pretentious.

Also, is it “BAY-sil” or “BA-sil” with an “a” like the word “black”? It’s “BA-sil” if it’s a man’s name, like on Fawlty Towers, but if you’re just growing it in your garden 'cause it’s easy to grow and it sounds so cool to tell people, “Yes, I grow my own basil for pesto, you know”, well, is it “BAY-sil” you’re growing or “BA-sil”?

I’m so glad the SDMB has set up a place where we can get these important questions answered. Where would we be without the Pit?

I’d say BA-sil but then again I’m not American and also say Ce-cil as opposed to See-cel and don’t even get me started on tomato and aluminium.

If anyone within arms reach of me ever says “Ad-VERT-is-ment” instead of “ad-ver-TISE-ment” OR says “HAR-ass” instead of “har-ASS”, then theys gonna get smacked.
Just thought I’d let you know.

Duck, good to see you alive and (I hope) well.

In my little neck o’ tha woods, it’s “pap-REEK-ah”, “BAY-zul”, “SEE-sul”, “HAR-ass” and “ad-ver-TISE-ment”.

Just my penny and a half. Carry on.

PS. Did I mention it was good to see you back?

This wouldn’t have just been a way to mock the “Housecleaning Announcement” thread, would it? :smiley:

That hadn’t occurred to me.

Good lord…

From horsecleaning (boy, that conjures an interesting image, let me tell you!), to how to pronounce paprika, to what makes a better topping on potatoes, and back to pronunciation.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more hijacked thread (and in the pit no less!).

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

(And yes, I’m aware of the irony that I’m further hijacking the thread in order to point this out)

Well I managed to hijack a gun control thread into a discussion of the origin of clan tartans a couple of days ago.

What the hell are you talking about? Duck’s been here the whole time.

BTW, is oregano or-eg-GAN-o or or-REG-an-o?