Hosni Mubarak has been declared clinically dead [maybe]

Story here.

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So…folks are dying to escape Egyptian prisons?

Always sad to see a dictator pass away.

Is he merely dead, or really most *sincerely *dead?

I don’t like to think Eve and I think alike (she’s weird, but not THIS weird), but I almost went with the munchkin coroner riff as well.

They’re now saying he’s on life support, but whatever the exact deal is, he’ll be completely dead soonish. In one article Egyptian authorities were quoted as saying Mubarak’s heart had stopped but that he was “resurrected.” Given Egypt’s long history with mummies I thought that was a great choice of words.

Jesus, don’t give those SVU/CSI/NCIS writers any more weird ideas.

I can’t take him like that. It’s against regulations.

He got better?

I dunno… his wikipedia page has been updated to list him as dead. I don’t think there’s any comming back from that one.

As an obituary writer, I have learned the hard way that “wiki-dead” is not *really *dead; “L.A. Times dead” is dead.

He’s only mostly dead…

Awfully coincidental timing of his imprisonment and sudden decline. If he wasn’t being poisoned, it sure looked like it.

I dunno about your I dunno…I’m sensing a Facebook, The Resurrection story brewing here :slight_smile:

Naaaah, he’s merely spending the next year dead for tax reasons.

The sequence of event’s is just how they are reporting the mummification. Soon he’ll be back up and about cursing people and such.

Expect a terrible movie or series of movies documenting the events.

Mubarak was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He was then taken to a better hospital, where his condition was upgraded to “alive.”

He’s pining for the fjords.

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Back up in yo ass with a resurrection

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If he does wind up lingering on for some considerable period of time it will be kind of weird (in addition to all the “Mummy” jokes) on account of the continuing Ariel Sharon situation.