Hot crazed blonde in Black Friday TV ads...

About three days before Thanksgiving, I started seeing these TV ads with a really bosomy blond lady, overly made-up, usually dressed in red, with a scary glare in her eyes as she obsessed about getting ready for Christmas and the Black Friday sales. I think it was for Target stores. Now they’ve vanished.

So who was the blonde? Without the crazed expression, she was ultra-hot. She almost seems to be Progressive Flo’s maybe-older blond sister.

Funny you would call her hot - on the TWOP boards for the View, she is reviled and largely thought to be inspired by the (according to the TWOP posters) by Elizabeth Hasselbeck, because of her maniacal competitive approach to “winning” Christmas - pretty much the same was Ms. Hasselbeck approaches anything, especially discussions.
Not that I’m trying to drag politics into this, mind you. It’s just the only other place I’ve heard this woman discussed.

I was wondering the same thing. Somebody post when they find out.

Can’t remember her name, but she was on the Comedians of Comedy Tour.

Maria Bamford.

And this is her website.

Wow! They tart her up for the commercial big time!

I wonder if these are both her.

Thanks a lot! How’d you find out?