Hot Geek Action!

I was looking at Craig’s List for a job when I stumbled on this rather strange entry:

“What in the hell?” says I, so I look up their website (don’t worry mods, there’s no pr0n) and I find this:

So I guess you call them if your computer’s broken and you’re lonely. I wonder if they got the idea from Sluggy…

Tina scares me. :frowning:

Dude, I give that away for free.

People phone me up, and ask stupid questions. I read physics equations to them. Then I ask if they’ve been naughty.
No, you can’t have my number.

You’re not one of those naughty reference librarians I see in the movies, are you?

Some how it doesn’t seem worth the job for $0.75/minute.

Just you wait until she takes the glasses off and lets down her hair.

bowchicka bowchicka bowchickachickabow…

Nah, what fun is that? I say leave 'em on. Letting the hair down is a good idea though… savoring mental image :smiley:

What is it with guys and four-eyed chicks? “All the better to SEE you with my dear”? <said in her most feminine wolf-like voice>

I’m not sure. I do find **Dangerosa **to be very sexy in her glasses (which she rarely wears), but I don’t think that glasses necessarily make all women more attractive. I think it depends on the individual. Glasses are a kind of ornamentation, and on some people, they look good. Kind of like earrings – some women (and men, I guess) look good with little stud (:)) earrings, some with big ol’ hoop earrings, and so on.

Or maybe I’ve just been programmed by movies to believe that woman with glasses=hot.

Birds and stones, man, birds and stones.

Naw dude, woman with glasses = chick that is all proper on the outside, but a screaming, moaning sex-kitten on the inside. Either that or someone in need of a little lovin’ to make them give up their stodgy, proper ways.