Hot Mannequin Love Sends Detroit Man to Prison

Quite possibly for life.

Six times. Six times. And he was just then “thinking” about buying a mannequin so he wouldn’t have to break into department stores?

The article goes on to say that the medical evals ordered by the state have found the defendant competent to stand trial. I’m not so sure I agree. Don’t get me wrong, B&E is pretty straightforward, but if you’re breaking and entering to get your kink on just a few days after getting paroled? You got a problem. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I mean, for some guys, a mannequin could be seen as the perfect date. She doesn’t talk back, you can put her into any position and she won’t complain, and she’ll never say no. What more could you want? Aside from not getting arrested, that is.

Do you think that his kink is the mannequin or the act of stealing the mannequin? If not the latter, then he really should buy himself one for his home.

Life for break and enter? Why don’t they just hand out the death penalty for everything? Clearly the prospect of a life sentence doesn’t serve as an adequate deterrent.


Detroit makes the news for weirdo’s of the hour!

Just before the autoshow, too.

I’m so proud.

Or even more simply, the French Maid outfit.

I’m kinda curious as to just what he does with these. A mannequin isn’t anatomically correct (or complete, anyway) in even a debased and gimcrack way, a la the inflatable vinyl sex doll. Maybe he just likes to oil their joints? [eww]

Mannequins are expensive.

C’mon, people, that mannequin was wearing a French maid’s outfit. She was clearly leading him on.

I don’t know, he is a six-time loser. I don’t see much hope of him ever functioning in society. Maybe a life sentence is better in this case. This is over 13 years. He does not sound like he is getting better.

He is not likely to get the help he needs and he is not likely to ever stop being a criminal without it. It sounds like he is a strong candidate for prison warehousing.

I would rather he got some help over a few year sentence, but apparently our system does not work that way. So rather than having him on a rotating door, it is time to put him away for a long time.