Hot Monkey Love Day is November 23

Just so you’re not caught with your pants down…er, or up I guess.

Fairly straightforward holiday: Find a willing celebrant, and make hot monkey love this coming Monday. Bananas are optional.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! :smiley:

Bananas are NOT optional.


Looks like I’m going to miss out again! :frowning:

Looks like I’m celebrating a day early. Ah well. I have a lousy sense of timing.

Give 'til it hurts.

But where do you find a hot monkey, in this part of the world in November?

I dunno…Is Palin still doing her book tour?

Erect a long, hard object.

No, wait. That’s Festivus.

Right – unless you are a creationist, you’d have to classify her as a monkey. And she is indeed doing a booksigning locally this evening.

Well there you go! Love that hot monkey!

I’m looking forward to peeling my fiance’s banana!

No fair! The wife is in Japan until the 24th.

Oh well, this IS Bangkok. Maybe I can find a temp. :smiley:

I burning AND f**king your monkey!

May have to spank mine. :smiley:

I’ll be peeling my banana alone. Again.

Not possible . . . I’ll have just gotten home from a week long visit to my partner in hot monkey love. Damn! If only I’d have known, I might have extended the trip one more day.

Great. Yet another fucking holiday I can’t participate is.

Rejection Day is August 16th (opposite St. Valentine’s Day). Now, that is a holiday I can totally get on board with.


Oh if only. I’m in the ‘probably no hot monkey sex’ group this evening.

You’re not the only one. :smiley:

(Well, we can logically assume that if you’re celebrating this at all, you’re not the only one. You know what I meant.)