What??? No MMP???

Didn’t see one yet, so here it is! Have fun Mumpers!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. ‘Tis 63 Amurrkin and rainin’, rainin’, rainin’, with a predicted high of 63 and rain, rain, rain for the day.

Ok, that’s all I got. I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, alas, irk purtification must commence. At least it’s just one day this week. Woohoo!

Happy Moanday Y’all!


I’s grumpy, and I got nuthin.

Happy Festivus!

I’m up and caffeinated. 11 hours of work, then hockey.


Gotta go irk, then I’ll be on vacation for TWO WEEKS! Yay!



Hi. Thanks everyone for the good thoughts. My grandpa is home with lots of tests run, but no apparent cause for what happened. Just glad to have him home.

I’m doing good, but running around like crazy. Yesterday Santa brought me a new (to me) van! It’s a year newer than my other one and the doors aren’t disappearing due to larger areas of rust on them. And when I slam the hood down, large chunks of it don’t fly off into space. It’s nice and was definitely unexpected. :slight_smile: I always name my vehicles. I’ve got think of a good one for her.

RT is off having a blast with his family and will return to me for Christmas day! :smiley:

Was there a sale on question marks?

My boss is all niervous because people are going on vacation. Apparently he’s discovered today that half the programmers are on vacation; the rest simply had less days left over from the rest of the year. I think he should take a chill pill. He’s also sent a letter saying this team has worked “like a precission mechanism”, which makes me wonder what’s his idea of what a broken mechanism looks like. Me, I’m off to pastures of a different color in five weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

The weather is giving me the mutha of all blurfs

Aaaaaaaahhhh. This week is already stupid. My hair looks awesome, but it’s raining. Because of course it is.

I’m working every day except Wednesday. I imagine that we’ll get let out early on Tuesday–UPS isn’t even doing much shipping, so we’ll have nothing to do, ultimately. But I’m going to have a lot of downtime this week. Less than I could have, because Boss is out and Coworker will screw around enough that I’m doing all the work.

I want to go home already.

{{{Sticky}}}, good vibes to your grandpa–and congrats on the new wheels! I always name my cars, too. Pick a good one. :slight_smile:

Mornin’. I’m off in another hour or so to get Polly Subaru fixed up for her long trip tomorrow. After that I’m getting my ears lowered.

It’s gray and cloudy. Still. There are multiple weather alerts for my area: a flood watch, a river flood advisory, and a hydrologic statement. You know things are bad when they’re issuing hydrologic statements.

A hydrologic statement? You mean like “water is wet?”

Sounds more like “there is going to be lots of water”, from the other two.

I would rather be sooo many places than work. Waiting for news on my sister who is 39 1/2 weeks pregnant. She went into the hospital last night to be induced because of her high BP and other issues, but whichever drug they used hasn’t done much. She’s also nervous because she’s at risk of a c-section. They were hoping to be home for Christmas but doesn’t look like it now.

No snow for Christmas either. Bah!

The weather is icky here too- blowy and wet.

I foolishly haven’t finished my shopping yet, and all the supermarkets are heaving with people apparently panic shopping for a family of 20 for the whole of next year, who I’m then queueing behind to buy one or two items. Tis a bit crazy, and we have a Met office warning to avoid travelling due to the weather- hopefully it’s going to be better tomorrow, 'cos that’s when I’m driving up north to see 't family.

Oh well, I just came back for a cuppa, then it’s back out to buy the final present. I shall try and get on here tomorrow, but I hope you lot have a good holiday if I get blown away by the gale, and don’t make it back to the MMP!

You just wanted to make sure we’d all be waiting eagerly for you, uh?

I’m just hanging around at irk. I woke up at 4:30 this morning and thought I should start the MMP but figgered some European who is 7 hours ahead would have beat me to it. Went to the grocery store on my way to irk–nobody is fuds shopping at 6:45. Had the store to myself. All I bought were eggs, clementines, half a shrimp platter (for MYSELF) and 7 candy bars (for work friends). Although I could eat 7 candy bars in one day, no problem.

Hershey’s Candy Cane (white chocolate with peppermint bits), in case you are wondering.

Buying 7 candy bars for oneself sounds like something I would do. :stuck_out_tongue: I was just at the store, supposed to be on a chocolate run, but didn’t see much chocolate I’d like. :frowning: Ah well. Got some gifts for people and some books for myself, including 2 books of piano sheet music. Maybe in 2014, I’ll actually learn to play my dang piano.

From last week’s MMP

I’m pretty much always here, I just don’t post much.

Candy’s not bad, but books are better. :slight_smile:

I’m about to attempt an ambitious little project regarding sugar cookies. If it works, you’ll see it on fb. If not, I’ll just eat the evidence. :smiley:

At work. Grandkids coming over today. Not ready for Christmas. Ack!

On the up side, we may bake cookies.

I would much rather sleep with Taz than Higgs. She settled down between **FCD **and me, leaning on me. At one point, she started twitching and woofing in her sleep - puppeh REM!!! But we managed to sorta sleep till 7 so there’s that.

I’m finishing a pair of slippers for my daughter. Mostly, it’ll be a lazy, and hot, day. Which works.

Happy Moanday, all!!