Twas the Week Before Christmas and All Thru the MMP

Happy Moonday!

It’s a clear 39 degrees outside. Hopefully no more rain for a bit.
Supposed to be windy with a high of 46.

I woke too early, around 4:30. I couldn’t get back to sleep so here I am.

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas.
I need to get my cards out for sure today and they should get to where they are going by Christmas.

Other than that I don’t have much else to do. I have all my gifts wrapped and ready to go. I’ll probably fill up the gas tank today so I don’t have to worry about that.

We are supposed to go to my niece’s, and I doubt she will want me to bring anything.

So I am ready for the holidays.

How about all of you?

My holiday prep was a tad more involved this year, what with 2 new babbies in the family. But thanks to Kohl’s wonderful selection of Carter’s babby clothes, it’s no longer an issue. Up until Saturday, I’d completely forgotten about my new grand-nephew :eek: but I emailed my sis, found out what size he needs (he’s younger than RoxStar, but he’s a butterball, so 12 month already!!) and I ordered him a few things to wear, plus a toy.

I also boxed up the restaurant gift cards we’re giving to my husband’s parents - packed them with the dishcloths I knitted for my MIL. **FCD **is supposed to mail it off today. I also ordered a beer-of-the-quarter thing for my mom. She likes to try different beers, and I couldn’t afford beer-of-the-month, but this way, she’ll get 3 different brews every 3 months for the year.

No decorating. No cards. No gifts beyond the babby stuff and the $10 goofy exchange gift, so I’m officially done. I’m not even planning to bake because **FCD **needs to get his A1C back in line and I’m not going to make it more difficult for him.

So Ho Ho Ho! And Happy Moanday!

I got my mother an assortment of teas for Christmas.
My older niece gets an assortment of coffees.
My younger niece used to get a Sephora gift card, but now that she sells Rodan and Fields she’s getting a restaurant gift card.

My only worry for Christmas Day is what the weather will be.

And I need to call my niece because her husband said I could bring the dog, but she is the boss of the house so I need to clear it with her first.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 45 Amurrkin out and clear (dark actually) with a predicted high of 67 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. I am pretty much over whatever it is/was that I have/had. I spent yestiddy mostly in bed. I read posts from yestiddy. Thanks for all the get betters etc. CupCakes special thanks for the prayers from the BCP.

Tonight is men’s night over to the church house but we shall not attend. I told OYKW to go if he wanted, but he said he wouldn’t go if I don’t feel like goin’. I think it best that I don’t venture out today just to make sure I’m over whatever I have/had. We shall still sup upon steak however. I haven’t eaten much the past couple of days so methinks some real food will be good.

As for Christmas plans, I have none and that’s fine by me. Well, I do have some, I guess, in that I will join some friends for Christmas Dinner. OYKW is goin’ to see his mom and family and will be leavin’ Firday mornin’ to do so. I shall go visit sis and the bros soon after NYD. That works out good for the both of us. We don’t do presents for each other as neither of us cares for that and we have too much stuff as it is.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, we shall see what the day holds forth.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I’m glad you are feeling better Swampy
We missed you.

IT’S ALIVE!!! :eek:

Glad to see you back, you old geezer! MWAH!

Now I can get back to work and not fret. :smiley:

Welcome back to the land of the living, swampy; sounds like you had the (in)famous '24-hour flu" (at least that’s what my mom used to call it). Glad you’re feeling better.

Need to wrap my gift cards for Xmas, probably tonight. Have stopped mail and newspaper for the time I’ll be gone to brother’s house (leave this Thorsday and come back on Xmas day–they are heading out that day to my nephew’s who is out of state).

Other than that and trying to get soccer organized for the weekend I’m out of town, nothing major on the schedule. 41F now going to around the mid 50’s, looks like the pattern all week.

I was out to see Stars last night. Incredible band!

It depends. Ask me again about three hours into my first of two shifts today. Or tomorrow. Or Thursday or Friday. I knew the job was dangerous when I took it, Fred. Lets see who gets the reference. :wink:

Yesterday we set a new site record for packages processed during Peak and we may beat that one today or tomorrow. The old record was 201k and we may have gone as much as 210k. We did it with twice the manpower and management and a basically unlimited budget so basically we bought our trophy BUT WE GOT THE TROPHY!!! I feel a mixture of glad and sad. After the debacle that was last years Peak and the roll-overs starting this years its nice to have any small victory.
Other than that just generally adulting. We are actually going to have Christmas Eve off; an all-volunteer sort from 10am-2pm. Gotta decide iffin I want to volunteer. I think I’ll delay that until my last double on the 23rd.

It’s very warm here at 07:00; 49ºF. It’s usually freezing around this time, but there’s El Niño.

Saturday I sent out Christmas cards, including one from the cat to ‘Mom & Dad’. Yes, I actually mailed that one to ourselves. I’ll let Mrs. L.A. (who doesn’t know about it) open it.

I’m telecommuting today, but will go to Seattle tomorrow. Our Christmas party is Friday, so I’ll go to Seattle on Friday instead of Thursday. We never know where we’re going. We get on the party bus (‘Big Woody’) and get driven to a secret location for lunch. Then we go back to the office and leave early.

Mrs. L.A.'s christmas presents are wrapped. They’re not ‘hidden’, but they’re not visible unless you look. I think the only Christmas thing I have left to do is to procure a roast. I have a can of snails, so I don’t need to get anymore – unless I want to have some on-hand for another day.

Now I just need to finish working on my data before Friday.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off today. Which is good, because I had the Mondayist of Sundays yesterday.
[li]the yelling guy upset because he couldn’t use an Amazon gift card to send money to his daughter[/li][li]Ricky and Rebecca Redneck, who were upset we didn’t have a product they didn’t ask about on a phone call before coming to the store[/li][li]the 2 girls who came in at 2 minutes to close, and trashed the Christmas section[/li][li]the kid who asked how old you had to be to work at the store, then asked if he needed ID to buy champagne.[/li][/ul]

And I don’t do anything for Christmas ,especially since the store will be open regular hours this year.

And welcome back swampy!

I slept like a dead person last night. Got a solid nine hours. I feel almost alive today.
Welcome back Swampy You are very loved.
Happy new week all. I have a four hour meeting to attend this afternoon that includes Active Shooter training in three languages. Then the new Director shall talk. The regular meeting is tomorrow. Gah, ain’t nobody got time for all these stupid meetings.

Thanks for the earworm! :stuck_out_tongue:


Lunch Break, and not a moment too soon!!

Got the results of the gall bladder test. Everything is fine. I know I’m having stress from irk. The damn purchase system is not working and I got a buncha requisitions. I feel like crying. I’m going out for a cigarette now and I wish I didn’t have to come back.

My sis, BIL, and niece, and I are celebrating Christmas on the 23rd at my house. Christmas Eve dinner is with Patti and Dave. I have no plans for Christmas Day. I may stay home and eat cookies.

Happy Moanday, mumpers!

Welcome back, swampy - I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better, the intertoobz were clearly in a bad way thinking something had happened to you. Now we can all sleep at night again…

Busy weekend has been had, busy day has been had, and now I am clocking off to head into town because I am off to see Def Leppard tonight. I might even be a bit hysterical!

Finished all of my Christmas shopping this weekend. All I needed was some stocking stuffers for the kiddos and something for the pet. Yes, my daughter wanted to get something for the freaking fish. I still have one package that hasn’t arrived yet. It’s delivery window is December 17-24. We’re cutting it close…

We also got our tree and decorated it. We took the kids to see Santa. It was a rather successful and very Christmas-y weekend.

Taking Friday off this week. I’m burned out a little and I need a day to get stuff done before everyone is in town for the holidays. Thankfully, the out-of-town family will be at my brother’s house across town, but we’ll be spending most of our weekend there, too, and I need to make sure everyone has clean undies and such before the weekend.

Just about done for the day. WHEW! This is definitely a Moanday! But I was busy, so that’s good.

With luck, inspiration will strike as I drive home and I can figure out what to make for supper. Preferably before I pass the grocery store…

We picked up one desk, the other guy a half hour away never got back to me. He probably thought I was playing him because I wouldn’t go get it in the rain. Whatever.
We got it in the house, well my son did it by himself. Now we have to get it upstairs and I can move the TV in my bedroom to a more comfortable position.

Got my stamps and the cards mailed. I was surprised there was no place to buy stamps in the lobby. The line wasn’t too long so it went pretty fast.
I felt kind of bad taking up a parking space to put the stamps on, but it didn’t take long and then I could drive past the box and drop them in.
I don’t know why I bought a roll of stamps, they will probably last longer than I will.

We stopped at McD’s on the way back.
Got Ripple a burger, but he chows down and his is gone in seconds, then he wants mine.
I have shrimp (for me) and ground beef (for my son) thawing in the fridge, but it will still be good tomorrow. Both are probably still frozen.

Happy that all your tests went well WetOne.

Just to follow up on my last sporadic MMP story, we are closing on our new house this Friday. While that, in itself, is wonderful news, I would caution each sane person here that the addition of moving out of and into a home to the standard Christmas and work related year end stuff is not something I recommend. For the insane - go for it, it’s hardly stressful at all!

Glad you’re okay Swampy, folks of your advanced age need to be extra careful about getting sick.

Mom, lotsa times I don’t know what’s for dinner until I’m in the store and see what’s on sale, or alternately, whatever’s in the front of the freezer.

Wifey has another of her meetings tonight, this one for AAYC, so I’m without adult supervision again tonight. I’d like to make a tuna-noodle casserole for my dinner, but I have a bunch of leftovers that’ll be perfect for wonton soup, so that it’ll be. I just know you wanted to know that.

‘Active shooter training’ Butters? Seriously?
Here’s all you need to know:
If you can run away, run!
If you can’t run away, hide.
If you can’t hide, only then do you fight, but if you have to fight, fight to kill.

I’m sitting here looking at the new 2019 calendar I just hung up and I’m sad.
I was a gift from a good friend who’s a very talented musician and photographer and all around great human being. He took all the pictures himself and had the calendars printed up himself, as he has for years. He also has cancer for the third or fourth time and has elected not to go through the chemo regimen this time around. This is most likely the last calendar we’re going to get from him. :(:frowning: