Santa Claus is coming to the MMP!!

Ho Ho HO!!!

The Jolly Old Elf will be visiting us - how shall we welcome him?

Naturally, we’ll set out milk and cookies - using a proper coaster, of course. Or beer and pretzels… :smiley: I dunno - my folks never did the Santa thing with us as kids.

So how does one prepare for a night visitor bearing gifts?

Happy Christmas Eve!!

Happy Moonday!

Merry Christmas Eve!

I slept through til the alarm woke me this morning.
UP and irking.

It’s a dark and not too chilly 37 degrees this morning. Supposed to warm up to a cloudy 41.
No White Christmas here.

Nothing special on the agenda today.
Everything is ready for tomorrow.

Moonday is clean the kitchen day. Not that there is much to do there.
Making tacos for the kid tonight, I don’t know what I’m going to have. I don’t want to make anything with leftovers since I won’t be here tomorrow and I’ll probably bring leftovers home with me.

So, just a normal day here.

I guess we need to be merged.

And I need to learn to spell Santa CLAUS! :smack:

It’s too early on a Moonday, who can spell?

I take back about it being a normal day. The tv is all screwed up, everything is about Christmas.

I know y’all were dying to know, we did get all the yard waste bags, seven of them, to the curb for pickup and they are GONE!
The dehumidifier ran for a bit and started grumbling again. Buyng a new one is on the agenda. They don’t seem to go up much in price depending on the size they cover. I need one for about 750 sq. feet, but for $30 more I can get one that does 4000 sq. feet.

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(and getting an engineer to correct spelling is just asking for trouble)

You don’t have to tell me about engineers and spelling. Being the product of Catholic school and phonics, I spell pretty well, but I’ve spent my career helping fellow engineers to spell.

Thanks for fixing my title! :smiley:

I was all excited because I thought Tim Allen was here.
Just think, Mooommm, your typo coulda been worse!

Saw a pic this morning; leaving a flight of beer & a pizza for the big, red elf.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off today. I shall sloth.

Moooooommmm!, of course Santa is coming. He knows where the naughty girls are.;):D:p

What happens when you do that.

All righty! I’ve tended to the critters, including the cat box. I wiped out the residue after running the self-clean cycle on the oven last night. I’ve wrapped the last of the presents. The donations for AARP are in the dryer - once they come out, I’ll snip any stray yarn ends, then bag them to take tomorrow. Eggs have been boiled and peeled - they’re chilling in the fridge, and I’ll devil the yolks later.

I’ve already decided supper will be assorted leftovers, since we have meatloaf, half a chicken, some ham, and who knows what else in there.

Nothing to do now but, um, maybe I’ll make another shawl??

I went over to last week’s thread to get swampie’s post from this morning. It’s hardly the MMP until swampy talks about his rumbly tummy.

swampy must be sleeping in, or he’s doing last minute Christmas shopping. We had family Christmas last night. I am stuffed. Tonight is Christmas Eve dinner with friends and tomorrow, sloth! It’s sunny which makes it feel totally unChristmas.

You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to the MMP.

He’s making a list
Of posts that we’ve made,
Saying that we’re all
Making the grade,
Santa Claus is coming to the MMP.

He sees you when you’re posting,
He knows when you’re awake.
He knows if you’re sincere or troll,
So be good, or convincingly fake!

Oh, the Mumpers rejoice
'Cause we’ve all been kind,
So leave your cares and worries behind,
Santa Claus is coming to the MMP!

: holds up lighter :
Bravo, Midget!

Gordie has had his first long walk of the day, and I am brining a chicken breast for tonight’s dinner.

Mooooom, I’m pretty sure that the FAA would ground St. Nick if he drank the beer, so cookies and milk may be the way to go. :smiley:

Up, caffeinating, breakfasted and fixing to throw a load of clothes in the wash. I’ll head up to my niece’s this afternoon for some family time and then come home and do some more chilling in the studio.

'Round my house when I was a young goddess, we left out cookies and a shot of brandy for Santa. I asked once why we left brandy when all the stories called for cookies & milk, and was told that everyone left out milk for Santa, and he was really happy to get something different at our house.

I pretty much keep the tradition up now, though I tend towards cognac instead of brandy. Just like when I was a kid, it disappeared overnight, and the men of the house seem especially happy. :smiley:

Merry Christmas All! Not much happening here today. Hubby is irking and I am in bed cause I am freezing.

I think I shall take a nap and give Louie a bath in a little while. Then I need to clean a little and get ready to cook up a feast tomorrow.

Santa supports single moms, too?

Brining involves soaking is salt water. We know you Doggio, you’re not brining it; you’re getting it drunk to take advantage of later. :eek:
GF used a 4-letter word :eek:…beginning w/ “L” :eek: :eek: :eek: :).
Almost went to see her family in NC; iffn that happened, I would have hand delivered the perfect Xmas gift for Doggio!
Still have to make it out to the store this afternoon to pick up some elves so we can spend the evening with George Bailey.
I usually get all the bad ones (the apparently racist Wegman’s doesn’t carry the black one.)

A beautiful Christmas Eve morning. Been a little rain during the night, but right now it’s clear and 73 degrees at 7:27am.

Took Gordie on his afternoon anti Invisible Mole People patrol. We found some snow. From the Snowpocalypse back on the 9th.:eek:

“Kinky is using a feather. Perverted is using the whole chicken.” :smiley:

Lube? Did you forget to get your oil changed again?:rolleyes::dubious:

Awwwww. You should have.