Joy To The World! There's A New MMP!

Clever thread title ain’t it! The way I see it, God either has a sense of humor or I’ll get struck by lightnin’. :smiley: Gettin’ struck by lightnin’ is a probability around here today as tstorms are predicted both here in south Jawja and northwards in Ye Olde Hometowne.

Anywho, here I am up and caffienatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 45 Amurrkin out with a predicted high down hear of 68 and rainy and in Ye Olde Hometowne 64 and rainy. Same forecast pretty much goes for Christmas Day. As I said in the last MMP I remember quite a few rainy Christmases growin’ up.

Ok, that’s all I got. I need to caffienate some more, feed rumbly tummy, purtify and get on the road in just a little while. All you leftover sickies from the last MMP feel better. All you who are travelin’ be safe. All who celebrate, have a great Christmas!

Happy Monday Y’all! Hijack away!

Good morning! I can’t believe I’ve been up for an hour already, but I won’t dampen the MMP with whining - at least not this soon. :wink:

I’m having a cup of tea and some oatmeal cookies - oatmeal is for breakfast, right? I’m trying to get the pellet stove up and running since there’s a chill in here, but so far, it won’t ignite. I don’t want to have to call the techs, so fingers crossed…

For all those with sinus suggestions last thread, I just went and stood in a hot, steamy shower, and that did the trick. Wasabi would never be a solution - yoiks!! :eek: That stuff is borderline fatal!! :eek:

I’m thinking about doing some tidying today, and some laundry. We’ll see how that pans out. It’s supposed to be dreary and cold and rainy, with possibly a flake or two later - not a nice day for going out, not that I’m inclined to do so. I see some more Netflix and knitting in my future, too. I think that’s a good plan for the day.

Meanwhile, my tea has cooled to a drinkable temp, so I shall. Happy Monday!!

Is it too early to sing “güi güis yu a merri krismas”?

The Nephew has some storybooks which are “bilingual”, or rather, in Spanglish with Spanish translations of the English words and with their corresponding Spanish phonics. The phonics are kind of scary, at least to those of us who have minimal knowledge of actual English pronunciations (i.e., not to the kid’s parents and the maternal family).

It’s cold but the mist has lifted. And I have a brand new teeny-weeny car*, and it’s RED so I should be able to find it easily in those seas of grey known as “public parking areas”…

  • Seriously, it’s actually smaller than my old Yaris hutchback. But given that I either take my car to exotic locales with extreme-for-Spanish-standards weather (Switzerland, Seville) or do not touch it for months (due to not wanting to take it to Scotland, where they do not drive on the right side of the road), it doesn’t make sense to spend money on anything with higher specs.


I’m settin’ off in just under an hour to drive Northwards for ages, in horrid soggy weather. The postie has 44 minutes to arrive, or I’m not going to be a happy nut, and neither is my Dad, 'cos he’ll have something boring bought at the shop on the way down, instead of the nice engraved Lord of the Rings tankard that I ordered from the US ages ago.

Oh well, he’ll probably be happy with beer, even without something awesome to drink it out of.

Anyways, I should get on with packing, and stop messin’ about online…

Happy Christmas! And stay safe those travellin’, mind the alcoholic foodstuffs :wink:

Morning, all! It’s wet and miserable here too, I was going to vacuum the floors today but Ophelia hates the Dyson and hides in the garden, so it would just be unfair to make her go outside in this kind of weather.

I’m not sure what else I’ll be doing today, I have no need to go out anywhere and all the hexmas stuff is ready so apart from half an hour on the Wii later and a bath afterwards, all I have to do today is make tonight’s dinner.

Clearly the solution is to sit around and drink tea all day so that’s what I shall start with.

Taz put himself on the Naughty list already today. He knocked over my yarn bowl so that it fell just the right way and broke. Bummer. Guess when I’m up for more clay play, I’ll have to make myself another. Idiot cat.

Guess I should start some laundry - the dirties won’t wash themselves…

Hope all the sickies feel better soon!

Merry almost Christmas to those who celebrate.

I spent yesterday cooking and baking up a storm. We’re having dinner at Local Best Friend’s tonight. We’re bringing potstickers (we made the filling yesterday), cookies (chocolate chip and Lebkuchen, i.e. German gingerbread), totally kickass barbecue sauce for the pork chops (my nephew requested a sauce his grandpa used to make), and, for lunch, oriental chicken salad (chicken thighs braised in a sesame/soy/ginger marinade over greens and veggies with a sesame/soy/ginger dressing. Yummy. But took forever.

Am working today and will head to LBF’s after that.

Hugs all.


Good morning!

And a little blurf, too.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever posted in an MMP. But 'tis the season, so oh well. I know you guys have all been clamoring for me to post in here, right? Well, don’t get your hopes up to see it ever, ever again.

All hail drew$2.99! :smiley:

My first MMP too. I don’t have to work today, so I am baking up a storm and hanging out with the cat. She loves that. It will be a good week for the cat, I only have to work on Thursday this week and not until Wednesday next week.

I also have some beef jerky marinating and laundry on the go. I should get some coffee into me before 9am. I am as ready for Christmas as I am going to get. It will be a nice day. Low key, breakfast with my Dad, a movie and dinner with my Mom. I can hardly wait.

It’s a bit chilly in the house, but since I will be so busy today, I won’t bother turning up the heat until my Mom arrives later this afternoon. I also have to go get the shovel from the shed. The lock was iced over when I went to fetch it the other day. Ooops.

Oy to the world!

I managed to sing my solo in church yesterday even though the Crud was strangling my vocal chords (it was “In the Bleak Midwinter”, if you’re curious) and got a couple of compliments.

Back home, little monster Cleopatra has been escaping to the great outdoors again. I’m tired of chasing her, and she hangs around the place, so I left her out for several hours and then teased her inside with a toy. This does mean, though, that I need to put a collar on her and get an ID tag just in case.

Phoukabro is now in CA with the 'rents, which makes me happy. I’m actually going to be stopping by his girlfriend’s place on Christmas day. :smiley:

I am NOT done Christmas shopping. I probably won’t be done until almost Jan. 1st. I just have this overwhelming feeling of “meh” when I look at stuff.

On the other hand, there’s a 70% chance of snow tomorrow, which could mean my first white Christmas ever.

Welcome, new Mumpers! **minionkat **- I read too fast and was trying to figure out why you were marinating beef jerky in your laundry… :eek:

I’ve got my second load in the washer and the first in the dryer. Not sure how much I’ll do today - at least 4 loads, I think. I also considered a bit of dusting, but I’m hoping that urge passes quickly. :wink: I’ve showered and dressed, so no day in the bathrobe for me. I’m trying to psyche myself into feeling better than I currently feel - it’s not psyching enough. The pity party will continue.

I’m seeing another day of Netflix. I’m re-watching the series on the British Monarchy - so far it’s up to the 14th century. Not that I’ve ever been obsessed with royalty - we watched The Tudors and I became curious about how it all worked. The series seems to be a fairly serious study of the topic as well as a rather sad portrait of humans in general with regard to power grabbing, politics, religion, and all that civilized stuff. And the video of the various parts of England, Scotland, and Wales make me want to visit. If you have Netflix, I recommend the series.

Meanwhile, I’m caffeinating and dealing with sniffles again. For the record, I’m tired of being sick. In case you were wondering…


My sickie is much, much better. Even more important, I was correct in my diagnosis of exhaustion. When I said, “I told you so,” he conceded, “Yes, you win.” Fistpump

All presents are wrapped and under the tree, and the wheedling from the 4yo has begun. Thank Og I didn’t put them out three weeks ago when we were done shopping!

Today is AppetizerFest at my parents’. They always do roast beef tenderloin tips thinly sliced on garlic toast, and I think I’ll be abstaining from any food between now and then so I can maximize my consumption.

In the meantime, I need to do some physical therapy exercises, then sit around the house drinking tea and playing video games while thinking, “I really ought to clean up a bit . . .”


Dropped the car off for inspection this morning & rode home. It’s about 3 miles away, which is just about how long it takes to get the body warm. It’s 27° out! (I actually got home an hour ago but the fingers were too frozen to type.)

Irking from home today (which means I get to clean house); just not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. :confused:

Spidey, imagine, it’s almost 27° here as well!
(OK, 27°C, not 27°F but really, you’re nitpicking one measly letter? :p)

Nava – red cars are cute :slight_smile: What model?

Tomorrow is just another day [del]in paradise[/del] near Armageddon here…

Mrs. Plant made matzoh ball soup for breakfast.
Unfortunately, I had already wrapped up he Christmas present.

It’s morning, it’s Monday.

I’ve already been out to let the piddle pup out she’s elderly and her owner has me coming every 4 hours to let her out. At least his tenant is taking the midnight shift, and the dog sleeps 8 hours over night so I have 8am, noon, 4pm and 8pm. I feel like I should just camp out there.
The corner store parking lot was empty so I bopped in there for a few things until I can drag sah-kid out for the ‘big shop’. We are running out of everything.

I have to do laundry today, I am out of clean clothes.
I will be so happy when all this xmas stuff is over.

My grumpies are easing up.
This house isn’t big enough for 6 people, 4 dogs and a big ass bird. Add in all the xmas decorations and it’s even more cramped.
That makes me grumpy.
All the phoniness and two-faced bs where everybody is talking crap about everybody else behind their back and then smiling in their faces makes me grumpy.

And another one of my sister’s lies has surfaced and once again I am being blamed for her screw up.

Years ago my sister lived with a not so nice man. He was a con, a thief, a liar, a cheat and eventually he beat her up pretty badly. It is just luck that he didn’t kill her. He stole my father’s tools after my father died and called my mother up in the middle of the night threatening to kill her. At first he had most people fooled because like most cons he knows how to play people. I knew him and I knew he wasn’t a good person but even I didn’t know just how bad he was. Recently he wrote a book (I hear I’m in it and I’d love to read what he has to say about me but I’m not about to buy a copy so he can profit from it) so he is back as a current topic. As well as he moved to not only the same state but the same small town my sister was living in and he is considered to be enough of a threat that the police came to her house to warn her that he was in the area. From what I understand, but don’t know for sure, is that at one point even the FBI was looking for him.

Somebody in the family turned to me and said, ‘Your sister told me that you introduced her to him, why did you ever introduce her to someone like that?’.
I did NOT introduce her to him other than I (foolishly) invited her out with me and my then bf and the pos was the bartender. I was friends with his gf, I knew what he was and I very specifically told my sister NOT to go out with him. I told her he was a liar, a cheat and abusive. I told her he did NOT have money, the bar was NOT his and that he was a no good pos. I was friends with his gf, I knew how he treated her. The emphasis is on was because it’s a little hard to stay friends with someone when your sister is banging their bf.
I’m the one who pulled my sister out of the mess, I’m the one who stood up to him when he was threatening our mother, I’m the one who made him back down because for whatever reason he was scared of me.
Somehow now it’s all my fault because I introduced them.
Lies make me grumpy.

A Christmas miracle has occurred. I’m posting in the MMP again!

Caffienating, eating breakfast, getting ready to get my hair cut and then head to MoravianVille for Family Christmas in a few hours. My nephews are in a pageant at church at 4, but I probably won’t make it since I didn’t get up until 9:15. It’s dark and rainy, the light didn’t wake me up like it should have. Lazy daylight.

I made Detailed AGM’s day Saturday. I brought him his Moravian Sugar Cake bribe *before *I left town this year. (For those of you who don’t know, it’s a running gag at work that I don’t get Christmas off unless I give Detailed AGM a sugar cake since he works Christmas for all of us.)

It’s Christmas Eve. Why am I at work?