The WTHeck did I volunteer for this? MMP

although I could have called it the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, I’m not getting no rest MMP
But no sense in sharing the suffering with all y’all.:smiley:

So it’s Monday Morning, I’m still awake while the rest of the house sleeps.

Except the dog, he wants to go out or so he says. He lies sometimes, he doesn’t want to go out, he wants a treat.

So what’s your favorite time of day? I like early mornings, even though I sleep through most of them. I like the quiet and the fresh smell of a new day. When I delivered newspapers I’d get done early, my route ended on a waterfront community and sometimes I’d pull up to the water and watch the sunrise. I don’t miss the papers at all, but I do miss watching the sun rise over the river.

I’m an evening person. I suspect it’s hard-wired. On the other paw, Her Feline Majesty’s breakfast time isn’t so bad, considering that she summons her waitress with a several minute snuggle-and-purr session.

“not a morning person” doesn’t even begin to cover it for me. I always want to sleep in, even with the furry purry alarm clock.

I’m up watching cartoons with a sick 5 year olld. :eek:

Like you (**Seanette **and Rosie), I’m not a morning person. I like the time around midnight when the rest of the house is asleep, as well.

And yet I still get up at 6:45 in the morning because all the other morning people (wife and daughter) do… I think I’m going to go for my second cup of coffee in a minute. Or will it be my third…? :eek: (and it’s not quite 10 AM here)

I’ve been known to serve the cat’s breakfast, then go back to bed. :wink:

Hope the little one’s better soon, duchess.

I can top that – weekend mornings, I’ll take the dogs out for their morning walk, and then go right back to bed… :o

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 53 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 79 for the day. I’d swear it’s Spring except for the dead leaves all over everywhere.:smiley:

I am a mornin’ person. Really. I’m up early everyday as in by five a.m. I surf the net, drink coffee and read/answer email. Some of it is work related stuffs.

Hope the little one is better soon Duchess.

Now I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, alas, irk purtification must commence.

Happy Monday Y’all!

Hard-core morning person here! :smiley: Even as a kid, I liked being up early - especially in the summer before the neighborhood got noisy. One of my most vivid childhood memories is going on vacation when we’d start driving in the wee dark hours, and as my sibs slept, I’d watch daylight creep in as we were driving down the road. And one of my favorite times when boating was when we’d have spent the night at anchor, and I’d go out on deck to watch the sun rise…

OK, so it’s not so much fun dragging out of bed at 5 when you’ve been up since 3:30, but for the most part, morning is my time. :smiley:

And thus beginneth another week - my desk is a disaster that needs to be organized, and many drawings need to be made. If I’m lucky, before the end of the week, I’ll be starting a new project. Rah!

Two gorgeous days promised to us - temps in the 60s, then winter returns. How sad - that’s all the news I’ve got to share.

Happy Monday!! :smiley:

Despite all of the blurfs, I’m a morning person. Just because you’re a morning person doesn’t mean you get outta bed easily.

Up, caffeinated ,off to irk. I’m a morning person(Although Hockey Lady:) apparently isn’t).

Hope the kid feels better soon, Duchess.

I love the afternoons/evenings/sunset. Just as the world quiets down from its busy hecticness and seams to almost take a breath and relax.

I have decided after much thought and consideration that working on one’s birthday should be illegal! One should at least get a parade or something instead of a long crazy day preparing for a 2 day conference. Bleh!

I can’t decide. I might be a morning person as I seem to wake up quite early most days or I might be an evening person as I tend to stay up late at night. Or maybe I’m just not very good at sleeping anymore.

My weekend shows were fairly successful. The Columbus show didn’t go as well as it did the last time I was there, but due to extenuating circumstances I didn’t get my paperwork in fast enough to get a good spot. The Youngstown show went better than I expected, however I don’t know if I’d do it again as 3 days is a really long show, especially when you have to keep driving back and forth.

Meanwhile, this week I’ll begin cleaning the house and excavating major amounts of crap because the HFUN girls will most likely be coming down to make cookies with me next weekend. Today I will begin with the bathroom.

I’m also going to try to get some of my stuff put in my Etsy store to see if I can entice Christmas buyers.

So, all in all, busy day ahead!

I love MOG (that’s a friend of mine whose son got married a couple years ago and I was referrin’ to her here as Mother of the Groom (MOG) hence the name sticks) I really do but she is a little bit whackadoodle. I got an early mornin’ phone call from her, which is ok cause she knows when I’m up, askin’ me how to pm somebody on facebook. Askin’ me to like think first thing is kinda dangerous. So, I patiently explain it all but she’s still not convinced that everybody on facebook will see her message which contains her home and cell numbers. I say to her, “Remember how you sent me a pm with your user name and password to fix sump’n for you last week? That was a pm and only I saw it.” The light dawned and she understood. Then she told me she had been up all night which is a signal to me that she it either not takin’ her depression meds or it’s time to go to the doctor for a med change which happens from time to time. Fortunately she then said, she was callin’ doc this mornin’ to tell her she (MOG) might need a med change.

Wow that was rambly but it keeps me from sayin’ things to her like “quit bein’ whackadoodle and go see the doc or take your meds!”

And now this…



Jynx, we’re almost birthday twins! Happy birthday!! :smiley:

(But I’m probably way older than you are… :o)

**Swampy **-- you should tell MOG that you can only send PMs in the afternoon. In the morning you can only send AMs.
Yeah, I’m mean like that :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Forgot to wish the young duke a swift recovery!

Happy birfday Jynx! I hope you get lots of cake and presents and other good stuff on your special day. I always take my birthday off. It’s the day after Memorial Day and I always thought the holiday was in honor of my birthday. As it should be.

I am a morning person. I love weekend mornings around 7am. The world is quiet and even though it’s just me, I tiptoe around. I want the world to myself.

I also like mid-afternoons on the weekend, around 3pm. It just feels special.

That would just blow her mind! :smiley: She was a teacher and an assistant school principal for 35 years and was good at it. It is just weird to me that she gets so flummoxed by computer stuff. I am no computer genious by any means but I did manage to set up my own facebook, email etc accounts. I tried to explain how to set up facebook and email but gave up and set her accounts up myself. Whack. A. Doodle. I tells ya!

Hippo Birdies Jynxster

Happy Birthday, Jynx!

Well, I’ve been off to a slow start this morning. I managed to clean the bathroom and the entryway next to it (other than the floors which I’ll do all of them at once later). Now it’s probably on to Etsy as I’m way too tired to tackle such an ugly mess as is in the family room on so little energy.

Forgot to mention I’ve been up to my old tricks again, but with a new twist. I’m going to make some stuff and take it to the gallery that sells my silverware stuff. She specializes in weird and I think this qualifies. And, by the way this banana is not happy to see you.

Mostly an afternoon/late morning person. When I play hooky from work its usually blowing off the pop stand around noon and not getting home until the usual time. I like the traffic and the people you meet out and about around lunch and later.

Thats changed for me as I’ve gotten older - used to be more late day/over night. Loved working midnight to eight. Could get tons done and still catch both Linda Ellerbee and Charlie Rose. OK – I’m an idiot and maybe a little crazy. But I get a little nostalgic for the time around the Iran Hostage thing. They were fun years in my life.