Hotel and A Show in NYC - need a good price for 2 people!

Sorry if this is so last-minute, but I only found out about this yesterday, and it just occured to me to ask here, since I know that there are so many NY Dopers around.

My parent’s 30th wedding anniversary is this week (Wednesday), and my brother and sister came up with the idea of trying to see whether it was feasible for us three kids to pool resources together and send them to New York for a long weekend to see a play on Broadway. My mom loves theatre, though she doesn’t get to go too often, and she has always wanted to go to New York City. My father would love it too, if only as a get-away from work.

So here’s the siutation as us kids see it: we would pay for the show tickets and either 2 or three nights in a hotel (depending on cost). All other expenses would be theirs (which we know they can handle -food and gas, basically). Ideally, we would send them on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, that is, October 10-13 (Friday to Monday). As a teacher, we are pretty sure mom has this time off, and my dad’s golf club should be closed by that time, or we can force him to take a day or three off :slight_smile:

I think this is likely a big tourist weekend, but I don’t know. My brother says that all shows are the same price,regardless of weekend. A Saturday night show of Mama Mia for two people, plus taxes and cancellation insurance comes out to about 350$ (Canadian) total. We are considering a Matinée, of either that show or another one. Next we need the hotel.

It doesn’t have to be a totally fancy hotel, but it shouldn’t be Motel Six either. I suppose for three nights our budget is (once everything is totalled up) about 600-700$ MAX for the hotel. Keep in mind these are Canadian dollars - we aren’t rich, but if the whole shebang costs about a grand, we can do it. If not…well, we’ll have to come up with something else some other time I suppose.

So, New York Coty Dopers, here is what I am asking you for:

  1. Recommend a Show. My brother is leaning towards Chicago!, and I tend to agree. Sis says Mama Mia!, but it’s currently running in Toronto, so I think let’s not bother with it. Anything else?

  2. A hotel. I assume this would have to be somewhere in downtown. I don’t know New York City AT ALL, so anything in this department would help. I’m thinking maybe something like a Quality Inn (one of the better ones) or a HIlton or something should be manageable in our budget. My parents aren’t too picky about hotels -as long as there is a bed, decent washroom and parking, they should be fine. This whole idea really centres around the show and the NYC experience, if we can manage it in our tiny budget.

  3. Are there any little-known package deals available through hotels/shows? We’ve looked at and sites like that, but everything is really expensive even before conversion to canadian dollars! My sis and brother have done most of the research so far, so perhaps they have found something worthwhile, but it doesn’t hurt to ask here!

By the way, both parents are over 50 and non-smokers, if that makes a difference in anything you might be able to tell me!

I’ll post again if I can think of anything else or if I’ve forgotten to mention something!

Thanks NYCDopers!

Here’s a list of packages for three nights:

October seems a fairly expensive time; it looks like it’d cost about $900 US for the hotel and the show.

However, by far your best option is to go to a travel agent. They can probably scare up a good, inexpensive package.