Hotel (TV series)

I really enjoyed the “Hotel” TV series back in the 1980s.

I recently found Season 1’s DVDs, and have been re-enjoying the show. Has anybody else, and are there plans to put subsequent seasons on DVD?

Brolin was a bit too old to play the leading character but he pulled it off. I enjoyed the Martin Landau episode with him as a klansman.

Actually, I read the book only recently and it was an enjoyable read. I don’t know why Halley is criticized for having “wooden” characters. He’s a good researcher, you can tell.

As far as I know, nobody has announced plans for further seasons of Hotel on DVD yet.

Ah, Hotel. Or, as I call it, the All About Eve metasequel…

No plans so far, but if there ever are, would be the place to find out.

There have been quite a few shows with only a limited one or two season release in years past that have recently gotten a complete series release. (After waiting 8 years for new releases, I already have Hill Street Blues: The Complete Series on pre-order!)

Great site, SpoilerVirgin, thanks! I’ll stay tuned. :wink:

Spoons! I had to reactivate this thread to let you know that new releases for Hotel are planned for the second half of 2015.

Bumping this to say…

Indeed, Spoiler Virgin, seasons 2 through 5 have been released. Apparently, they came out in the fall of 2015. I just picked up the complete series on DVD, and have been binging on “Hotel” for the last little while.

It’s been great! It’s been years since I saw them on network TV, but I do remember a few. It’s been fun, watching again, and seeing things I missed the first time.

I’m glad to see you found the DVDs, Spoons. I have also been binging on the complete series – I’ve slowed down a little since I think I only have 10 episodes left, and I’m savoring them.

My favorite part of the show is the massive influence of second-wave feminism. At the time, it was just a seamless part of my existence, so I didn’t really notice, but 30 years on it’s fascinating to see how much was made of women moving into positions formerly reserved for men: A woman lawyer! A woman televangelist! A woman bellboy! A woman in Congress! They even subtly acknowledge that San Francisco had a its first woman mayor at the time (Dianne Feinstein).

They also did some nice nods to San Francisco’s gay population, including an episode with Robert Reed on the downlow.

OTOH, that was the rapiest hotel ever. It was a feminist issue at the time, but some of the stories were a little too prurient for my taste.

Even worse than Take Advantage Hospitality!