Hotmail now spawning popup windows?

Recently, I’ve noticed that when I log out or change folders in Hotmail, I will get a popup window for a gambling site (not always the same). I sent a letter off to HM’s tech support asking if they are a paying advertiser, and if there is any way I can opt out. I have yet to hear from them though. I’m posting here in GQ to ask if anyone else has noticed this with HM, or has my browser been the victim of some nefarious JavaScript or whatnot? I’ve been using Win98 with MS Explorer 5.5. Thanks.

I’m running Win2k Advanced Server sp1 and IE5.5 sp1. I just went to hotmail and got a pop up when I first logged in (for ebay), but not as I navigated folders. You could turn off javascript by going to Tools|Internet Options|Security|Custom Level|Active Scripting but you’ll probably lose functionality on a lot of sites.

I’m sure the guys at MS have done it as a way to make advert money. Another thread also talked about pop ups like this. It seems to be a growing trend.

Still better than actually paying for the net though.

I normally access my Hotmail account through MS Outlook Express, but recently on the occassions that I have accessed it through my MSN homepage I have received some annoying Pop-ups. I don’t remember what they were for, although the Ebay ad mentioned does ring a bell.

I agree that advertisement is the price we are doomed to pay for the majority of these “free” services; such as, email and forums, etc. However, that fact doesn’t make these ads any less annoying.

The I-net companies have learned that users have developed a knack for ignoring banner type ads, as we have with commercial television ads. Hence, the increased use of the Pop-up ads as alternatives.

I usually click mine closed before they even load completely. Unfortunately, I also miss some important notifications doing this. Oh well… If they want to tell me something important about a site they can put it on their main page.

See ya’…

I have been getting the damned things for the past few days, always when I log out. When they respond to your email, tell them we’re all pretty p.o.'d about it.

I have noticed them as well, but I got a program from AnalogX called POW! which kills popup windows that you tell it to. Very handy. Catch that program here ->

I checked my Hotmail account for the first time in two months today, since I was stranded at a client site without my normal e-mail.

Anyway, besides having 661 pieces of spam to delete, I noticed the pop-up ads, too.

Quite strange. A lot of them seem to be stuff that you wouldn’t expect to see advertised on MS-related sites.

I haven’t had any pop-ups on Hotmail, although the amount of junk mail has rocketed since they brought in the “inbox protector”. Coincidence? Hmmm.

I get popups on hotmail and and a couple other places. No biggie - I just kill 'em before they finish loading.

I guess I’d be more ticked if it wasn’t for my cable modem - I’m guessing on my old slow phone connection, it’d really slow things down.

Alas, 'tis the price we pay for living in a capitalist society. I have more important things to get my panties in a wad… :slight_smile:

No, I haven’t had any. And I just checked my hotmail a couple of minutes ago.