May the makers of popup windows roast in Hell.

It’s getting out of control. I visit some seemingly innocuous site and BOOM, three popup windows open up, offering spycam equipment, penis enlargement, find-a-schoolmate or yet another online travel company.

I’M EXTREMELY SICK OF IT. Suddenly, I have five browser windows open, four of which I never fucking asked for and don’t want. I have to close them. WHY?

First of all, I don’t need a fucking spycam. Secondly, my penis is just fine as it is. Thirdly, if I NEVER NEVER meet one of my former schoolmates it will be too soon. Finally, if I want to travel, I’ll make my own fucking arrangements.

One thing is certain: I will NEVER EVER purchase anything from any company that uses popup browser windows to advertise. That’s a promise. Furthermore, I will do my best to convince others to act likewise. Don’t think I won’t, you popup assholes.

Would any company in its right mind advertise their product by spraying their slogan on my garage door? Would any company glue their ad to my car windscreen? Of course not. It would piss anyone off. So why, pray, do they think I wouldn’t mind their intrustive fucking popups? Are they crazy? Or do they think that, while I’m looking for serious information of some kind on the Web, their dick-stretching device popup will suddenly appear and I’ll be like, “Wow…yeah…I really need that…where’s my credit card? Think I’ll buy two of them.”

Assholes. Rethink the whole popup window thing. Please.

Google toolbar.

It’s right here:

(it blocks popups)

Mozilla, :cool:

The Google toolbar has reduced my popups by about 99%. It’s a miracle.


plus it has tabbed browsing, in addition to the pop-up blocking.

I’ll second the recommendation for the Google toolbar. Learned about it right here at the SDMB, thank you very much.

OK, thanks for the Google Toolbar tips. I’ve already downloaded it. But that doesn’t change the rave. Why do these pricks think they can bombard us with shit and there’ll be no consequences???

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'cause there aren’t any. Whaddya gonna do? Hit me? C’mon! :stuck_out_tongue:

No consequences? I agree with the OP. Boycott companies that use popups, man!

And boycott companies that send spam!

And boycott companies that use telemarketing!

Google toolbar is good, but it doesn’t block the “Messenger Service” network style text pop ups. These are just like the network messages you can send to people at work across the LAN, except these ones are spam. Anyone know how to stop these buggers?

Use Zone Alarm:

Or disable the Messenger Service:


Messenger/Right Click Properties/Disable.

The Google toolbar rocks, got it on all 4 of our comps.

Umm. . . I have never had a serious problem with popups and all I do is disable scripts in my IE configuration. I don’t understand why it is such a big deal.

Well, the more people use Mozilla or the Google toolbar and the like that block popups, the consequence will be that the advertisers have paid for advertising that isn’t seen. It aint roasting in Hell, but it’s something.

Drat! Now you tell me about the Google toolbar! Just last week I switched to Earthlink, just for their popup blocker. But I do like the service better, and when it blocks a popup, a little orange fist pops on for a second and makes a cool “boing” noise to let you know it just blocked another one, so I’m happy.

It’s not such a big deal, but it can be an inconvenience for people who visit sites such as Hotmail which require JavaScript.

They’d have to enable scripts again just for that, then disable it afterward to avoid the popups.

I’ve been through it, but the Google Toolbar is much easier.

Popuppopper works exceptionally well and gives you the option of accepting or rejecting any and all popups from any site. And it’s free.