Hotmail Problem (Yes, I read the Sticky)

Hotmail is telling me my account is full. It is full because the junk mail folder will not empty. (Or at least will not empty manually, it seems to empty after five days.)

I click on the ‘all’ tick box. I click on ‘empty,’ a ‘are you sure message’ pops up I go take a shower. I return fifteen minutes later and nothing has happened.

Am I doing something wrong?

I don’t know what is causing your problem, but have you tried clicking the “delete” button? If all my messages are ticked, the “delete” option will empty my junk mail folder the same way the “empty” option does, only without bringing up the “are you sure” box.

Well, I take that back…it does bring up a dialog box. Still might be worth a try.

If you’re using Firefox, then try IE. I find I have more problems with Hotmail while using Firefox, as opposed to IE.

A work-around might be to delete just a few at a time. A pain in the ass work-around, but maybe after deleting a few groups then it’ll work to check 'all.

I’ve had this problem of not being able to empty my junkmail box using the button provided in the pop-up. My problem is definately related to my using the Opera web browser. What I’ve done is place a customized button on my opera toolbar that is mapped to the following url:

Now, all I have to do it click the button in my toolbar and my junkmail box is emptied.

I don’t know if this will help (especially if you don’t use Opera) but it worked for me.

Did you check the “Report all selected message as Junk E-Mail” box when the confirmation dialog pops up? If so, try unchecking it and then emptying. That has worked for me in the past, but I dunno if it’ll do anything for you…

So it is a problem related to Safari you think?

OK, I went to my old copy of Internet Explorer and tried to login to Hotmail. Oddly I got “the specified server cannot be found.” I can get to all other websites with IE though.

I wonder what is going on.

OK, fixed.

Since I can delete from the inbox, but not from the junk mail box, I moved all the junk to the inbox and then deleted.

Still it makes you wonder what the heck is going on.

A couple months ago Hotmail made some changes that broke functionally in non-IE browsers (what a surprise!). This is one of them.

What I do is click on “folders” and then click on “empty” next to junk mail.