Hotter Babe (final season): Jan or Marcia?

okay…in 1974, the Brady girls were about 17. So if you could fetch one in your time machine for a weekend in that cabin in the woods, which would it be?

I have no hesitation. I thought Jan at the end looked like a Playboy Bunny. Killer rack, nicer hair and smile than Marcia, much more accessible and open for fantasy.

Of course, Jan was a leeetle bit whacko, but that can be a good thing.

Marcia Marcia MARCIA!

I don’t mean to stomp on your parade, guys, but you do realize that, if you had that time machine, you could be in major trouble, right? Sixteen’ll getcha twenty, you know.

Now, Greg, on the other hand – he was over 18 by the last season…

dr hermes? Where did you put that time machine? Although polyester gives me a rash…

Time-pirate Jess

No contest . . . Jan wins! I remember thinking at the time that she was quite the hottie.

Aw, hell…gimme Alice! Oh, yeah baby, the way she handled those rib roasts was just so…


OK, seriously…


In one interview with the actress who played Cindy, she said that both Eve Plumb and Maureen McCormick wanted to go bra-less the last season (ah,the 70s) but the producers nixed it.
If the girls had been unleashed,Re-runs would be a great reason to tune in NICK AT NITE.