Hottest female athletes who posed for Playboy

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Those clowns.
They missed Anita Gandol.

Charisma Carpenter used to be a cheerleader; she could have easily made the list.

What’s with all the examples being things you could show in Cosmo or Rolling Stone?

They misspelled “Katarina Witt.”

They also noted that she was “in the 1998 addition [sic] of Playboy.”

Did Playboy print an extra edition? Or was the writer of the above distracted by Ms. Witt’s photos?

During one of the summer games, the US women’s volleyball team won a medal. This resulted in a picture of twoo teammates on the ground in a suggestive embrace. sigh

From IMHO to the Game Room.

And “Ashley Harkleroad”.

Even the audience got in on the action.

The Brazilian team also got into the action. When is the next summer olympics?

I’m a straight woman, so I don’t know that my vote counts, but I vote for Gabrielle Reece.

The photos inside are amazing.

I’ve been researching this, and a few from this link should be mentioned.
Svetlana Khorkina
Maria Butyrskaya
Amy Acuff (got her autograph after a track meet-yay me!)
Ineta Radeviča

and not mentioned, but needs to be is Tatiana Grigorieva who was born in Russia but got Australian citizenship. She posed for Playboy Australia, and wow! Links to the pics are here:

Amy Acuff, god help us all…

Mom :confused: :eek: