House 10/28

The team must deal with a sleepwalker who has some freaky blackouts.

Must remember to turn TV at 7pm.

If what I saw in the preview actually happens, and is not a dream or some other cutesy way of misdirection, I will eat my hat.

And if it doesn’t, I will eat mine!

Holy. Shit.

Oh, man, that was one hot kiss.

Spoiler tag?

Let me just say, I was not disappointed.

The way he looked at her, the way she looked at him, how hot it was, and finally, the massively inadequate way both dealt with it was priceless.

Also, they’re going to make us wait. No new episode next week, and a re-run for Fringe? What’s up with that?

“I’d like to purchase some cocaine, please.”

Tune in two weeks from tonight, as Taub says, “May I have ten thousand marbles, please?”

13 is one sexy minx.

Gee, what possibly could be happening next Tuesday? The first Tuesday in November? Hmmm…let’s put on our thinking caps…I’m sure it will come to us…


Why did he do it? Do you think House was trying to mess with her? I know she was very vulnerable.

I can’t decide if I am happy they kissed, or sad. I have been waiting for that kiss for so long. Now what will I wait for? Them to handle it like adults, Wilson and Cuddy to kiss too? House and Wilson to kiss???!!
Why do all the strange, way out there, super rare diseases come to this particular hospital?

I don’t think he’s messing with her. The look on his face was so mixed up and yes, vulnerable, just before that kiss. He is testing her–that’s why he always goes negative and contrary. House has to test people because he can’t trust anyone.

I felt so sorry for her when that skank took her baby back. Poor Joy–some life she’ll lead…

weird disease–but neat at the end, how the dad and the daughter were laughing together.

Very good episode. And god, 13 is annoying. Please do one line too many and just get the hell off the show already. Please. I’m begging here!
Gwyen–they come to this hospital for House and also because that’s the

Sadly, I’ve kind of given up on the medicine part of it all–sometimes they do such stupid stuff. I can’t think of one off the top of my head, but most of the time, they do the most dramatic thing, instead of the best diagnostic thing. Makes sense, given that this is TV and all, but still.

Need some mustard with that? :wink: :cool:

SHIT. I gotta catch my breath from all that screaming I just did. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Anyone else’s DVR cut off at the kiss? Then what happened? Thanks.

A really great beat where they just stare at each other. She looks dazed and pretty turned on, he looks panicked and equally turned on. He mumbles “see you tomorrow” or something to that effect and hurries out, and she mumbles her goodbye as she just kind of stares off into space.

Goes to show how great the episode was. I completely forgot about that.:smack: Still, why no new Fringe tonight?

I think he honestly wanted to do something to comfort her, but that he’s too selfish to just leave it at a hug. He saw his chance and took it. If she were 100%, he would have had a black eye.

I thought “Joy” was a TERRIBLE name for the kid.

Joy Cuddy? Really?

I was hoping that Cuddy would beat House into a coma with his own cane.

Joy is a lousy name.

Great ep., though! And a hot, hot kiss.