House 11/21

Tonight, House pushes the other docs for whatever bizarre diagnosis they can come up with for an 18-year-old guy who’s had a heart attack.

Hey, it’s the kid from Almost Famous!

House’s AQ (asshole quotient) is off the charts. He’s a savant.

I guess this series is really trying to test our connection to House. Yeah, he’s curmudgeonly, but he’s really smart and handsome! Well, Housie boy, you are a dick par excellence.

Poor, poor Wilson!

Wow, what a dark episode all around. No cure, the kids go to foster care, House is a total dick, even for House, Wilson finally snaps…I like the way this is going. I know lots of people dig this show for the medical aspects, but this is getting to be some decent drama. No Tritter this episode, so that should mean that this story arc isn’t close to done yet if Winterhawk11’s info about his number of episodes is right. And the previews for next week…wow. Only real complaint was not enough Cuddy. She’s been way too left stage for most of this season for me.

I really thought that the patient was Shawn from Boy Meets World.

I’ve been seeing reports of a six-episode arc or a seven-episode arc. Perhaps the former is how many actual episodes he is in, and the latter is a measure of the distance between the first episode he shows up in and the last.

I read in some article (maybe tv guide? maybe online) that the writing and story arcs will deal with the fact that House is an addict. And he will be putting friends etc. thru what you deal with an addict. It’s very ‘edge of seat’ watching for me.

Tritter has his own issues, obviously.
And I’m glad Wilson finally stood up. Took a stand and said no. And so did the ducklings!

I haven’t like a show this much since Homicide: Life On the Streets.

Did Dr. Foreman mention analingus? It was one of the linguses, for sure.

Indeed he did.

Could this be the first time the word “analingus” has been said on primetime network TV?

Oh and I loved “The Game is a stinky foot” – an all too clear nod at Sherlock.

I was tired and I fell asleep right after they saw all the little tumors on the MRI, so what happened? I gather from a previous post that they didn’t save the kid but could I get more details, please? Like what caused all the tumors and illnesses?

Except the time that it was the puzzle answer on Wheel of Fortune. Sajack was drinking a lot back then… :smiley:

I love that the physical therapist told House to try using his cane on the correct side! If you’ll remember, people really complained about that when the show first came on.

Poor Wilson.

Am I the only person who was bothered by Wilson checking with a divorce lawyer regarding the legality of the cop’s harrassment?

Why didn’t the divorce lawyer refer him to a different lawyer instead of passing the whole thing off with, “Well, I’m a divorce lawyer… but I guess you should just talk.”?

House sprayed some viruses at him and he came down with something involving a bad cough; it turned out that he had some polysyllabic infection/illness that I unfortunately cannot recall. He could have had some bone marrow from his little brother but refused. The younger siblings were sent to foster care.

I thought the young girl was quite mature for an eleven-year-old.

Also: House’s ducklings really called him on his fears; it was interesting to see them refuse to write a scrip for him. And Wilson was so pissed…What a sad scene at the end, with Wilson sitting miserably on a bench waiting for a bus, and House has to zip away from him on his scooter. I like the conflicts these days.
Next time, Tritter the cop freezes the other docs’ accounts.

The “Tumors” in his brain were actually mold; aspergillus sp colonies (not revelent to the story at all, but as a point of trivia - this is the mold used to ferment soy sauce)

Anyway, there were four possible immunocompromising genetic diseases the kid could have had based on the infections he was coming down with. Each one would have been evident by which infection gained the most footing. So House sprayed the kid with a mixture of four infectious agents (A mold, a virus, and two bacterial cultures) and it turned out that the kid got a lung infection from the pseudomonas sp. The lung infection pointed to which immunocompromising genetic disease he had, and it turned out that his younger (8 year) old brother was a match for his bone marrow type.

He didn’t want the bone marrow transplant, and put this brother and sister in foster care.

No, you weren’t alone on that. I thought Wilson’s lawyer pretty much screwed the pooch there. HE shouldn’t even have had him in the office, I would think–it should’ve been Wilson calling the lawyer, then the lawyer calling him back to recommend a good criminal defense attorney.