House 11/23

House and Cuddy kept turning the tables…and he lost. For now, anyway. I would have loved it if he’d really been able to crash the Thanksiving meal.
Can people really grow multiple spleens?

This was a great episode. Made me recall fondly many old episodes of *Spy vs. Spy *in Mad Magazine. Or a good practical joke war between Hawkeye and BJ.

Also - the actor playing the dude who is dating Cuddy is named Michael Weston. I saw that in the opening credits and I was like, huh? Isn’t Michael Weston a *fictional *character? Checked him out on IMDb, and he is indeed a real actor, and has even appeared on *Burn Notice *with the fictional MW.

It’s a strange world we live in!

I think one is Weston and one is Westin. Can’t remember which is which.

Revenge is a dish best served . . . well, as a cold turkey sandwich. And where did Wilson have Thanksgiving dinner?

Apparently the first years in med school this year have a cadaver that has around 6 spleens. One medium sized one, and 4-5 tiny vestigial spleens that all go back to the main spleen but are located in various locations around the back area cavities and such.

It was freaky and REALLY interesting to see. So yeah, I’ve seen a multi-spleen cadaver.

Loved the Mike Tomlin reference…

Thank God he didn’t. House was a pretty big tool last ep, so getting his ass handed to him by Cuddy, being bested by her boyfriend, and getting decked by Chase were all quite welcome developments.

Yes! That was awesome. We joke about that all the time. There were a lot of good one liners in this episode.

I dunno; this episode made me uncomfortable in a couple of places - House breaking up Cuddy and whatshisface, Cuddy telling House to basically leave her alone; in real life, I would be extremely uncomfortable with a guy acting like House acts towards Cuddy (yes, I know, House gets away with A LOT).

I did like House and Chase having a bonding moment over Chase punching him in the nose and House refusing to press charges or even acknowledge to Cuddy that Chase did it. And then Taub using Chase’s punch to fool his wife. Is House’s assholishness infectious or something? Everyone he works with starts to act like him.

As someone with a high IQ (not as high as the patient’s), I totally get why he wants to be stupid. I liked that bonding moment he had with House.

Loved the episode but I was astonished that House actually fell for Cuddy telling him she’d broken up. The ruse should have been obvious to him, he knows Cuddy and her beau are smarter than that. A case of wishful thinking blindsiding House’s usual acuity, I guess.

Who’s house was he supposed to have shown up at? Cuddy didn’t really go to Florida for one day…?

I actually thought it was really cruel of her–if it was a test him showing up should have been a win.

He went to Cuddy’s sister’s house, which Wilson said was “a three hour drive”. I’m guessing that Cuddy was with Lucas’ family.

He didn’t - he pushed her into revealing that it was a lie, in another twisted game. “Take these tickets” - “No, I don’t want them.” told House that she was still with Lucas.

I didn’t appreciate that message so much. I think the idea that super smart people are badly adjusted to society is usually a myth (based on confirmation bias.) I don’t think being smart and being happy are mutually exclusive.

I think House is relapsing big-time. He may not be on drugs any more but he’s obviously reverting to old narcissistic behaviors without regarding the feelings of others. I think watching him get punched in the face was one of the most satisfying television moments I’ve had in a while. And that House respected Chase for his motives–classic.

Yeah, he’s not really doing good things for good reasons, and you have to think that that is not healthy.

The House Cuddy scamming back and forth was fun, as was Chase punching out House. And I guessed DXM abuse from the mention of cough syrup, but DXM abuse doesn’t work in any way resembling how it was depicted here. The spleen splitting thing was surprising and interesting.

I agree . . . except in my case, I’m not nearly as smart as I used to be, and a lot happier. Not implying any cause-and-effect, though.

And good for Taub! I love what he did with the photo.

i didn’t buy the photo bit at all. totally unrealistic.

“hey honey, remember when you said that you didn’t like the idea of me regressing in professional status, working long and odd hours, and just being a giant pussy in general? well i punched my boss in the face. then i waited a day. then i went back and took a picture of him point blank just so i can show you. surprise! this should fix everything right? oh, you want sex now? fantastic.”

The use of Wilson (or lack thereof) in this episode was also vexing. He could’ve/should’ve been at the REAL thanksgiving dinner? Maybe cuddy/writers decided that telling Wilson jeopardized the misdirection scheme too much. his dentist appointment was introduced but not explored. Is it building towards another love interest? gambling addiction? the restoration of the dxm addiction was also a pretty depressing and unrealistic turn of events. wouldn’t mood elevators coupled with therapy be a much more conventional, effective, and healthy resolution?

That’s a good point. In AA, addictive behavior without actual using was often referred to as a “dry drunk,” and could be almost as dangerous as an actual drunk.

Is anybody clear on whether House actually drank the wine? I couldn’t tell. Pretty big deal if he did.

And what did they call the DXM use? Robo-???-ing. I couldn’t catch it. They discussed it as if it were a well-known coping strategy. (albeit as rare as the folks who might need it.)

I don’t think I could ever love someone enough to give up IQ points for them. Die for them yes; live stupid for them? NO!

The gibbon comment was pretty @$$holic. I don’t like the show portraying all geniuses as @$$holes. And I especially don’t like it being treated as an acceptable excuse for bad behavior.