House - 11/8

Thanks. My roommate kept talking and talking and talking during the episode even though she knew I was trying to watch and it was my study break (I even skipped Gilmore Girls). So I missed that.

No problem. I’m just glad you asked an easy question.

I believe this is the second episode where the principal patient dies (or is going to die). There was an episode in the first season where Leslie Hope played a homeless woman who died of rabies.

There’s the pregnant women that dies from… cancer? or something? she’s got something and she ends up with a blod clot and then they try and operate and she starts bleeding internally and she dies - and her baby lives. And in the episode with all the sick babies, one dies, but I guess it’s kind of a secondary character.

When House thanked Cameron for not joining him and his parents, I thought it was a well-crafted moment – vulnerable without inducing vomit.

I was hoping for a bit more camera time with the parents, but I understand the need to focus on the patients.
I liked House’s mom.

I think we’ll see more of them in the future. I can’t imagine R. Lee Ermey doing a 5-minute spot.

He did when he was the Janitor’s dad on Scrubs. Has anyone else noticed that they seem to share a lot of their guest stars?

I’m holding out for the crossover episode where Dr Cox and Dr House meet up!

I guess “He told us all about you.” isn’t a lie then???

exactly! House is a Liar! He can never tell the truth about himself.

Oh, if only…