House 2/1

A football player was bashing himself in the head with his helmet, and a young man thought House got injured in Vietnam. That’s as far as I’ve gotten…

I thought that was hilarious when House was offended - the idea that a youngun’ thought he was old enough to be in Viet Nam was an insult! I don’t know how old House is supposed to be, but I guess that you’d have to be at least mid-fifties to be a VN vet. Funny stuff…TRM

House is 50. His character bio lists his birthdate as June 11, 1959. He would have been 18 in 1977, by that time the war was over. The draft ended in 1973 and the armed services became all volunteer.

And so we learn that Lucas is as much a psychopath as the rest of them.

And House and Wilson are apparently going to cover for him by not reporting his crime and by lying to their insurance company and their condo board (or whoever manages the building) about it.

When House is good, it is great. The two POTW, House & Wilson getting pranked and Foreman & his brother coming together–all wonderful tales wonderfully presented.

I am reminded again of why I love this show.

After last week, this was a sigh of relief. Less Thirteen, House and Wilson hijinks and less Thirteen. Did I say that twice? I meant to say it three times.

"The opossum was meant for me."

Great stuff!

Great episode, much better than last week.

I am confused about one thing. Why was I taught the “o” in opossum is silent? I’ve never heard anyone pronounce where they weren’t soon corrected so last night when Wilson said it I expected a crack from House…but danged if he didn’t pronounce it the same way!

It’s just playing possum. :smiley:

Here in New Jersey, where we have a lot of wild opposums, I’ve always heard it pronounced “O-possum.”

Walking down the street and stepping into the guts of a roadkill opposum is one of life’s ickiest experiences.

Are we sure Wilson was not the prankster? Why did he say “I win” at the end? And why did Lucas confirm with Cuddy that they were not going to respond?

And, as a general question, why in the world is Wilson considered a bad guy for buying a condo that Cuddy refused to bid higher on? She had already turned it down before Wilson got involved.

There are two words for the same animal - “opossum” and “possum.” Both are derived from a native American word rendered by early settlers as “opassom.” In general, “opossum” is the official word, where “possum” is more informal. There’s also a regional difference: southerners drop the “o,” while northerners include it. Since House is set in New Jersey, “opossum” would be the term used.

But, I believe, it’s always “playing possum”.

We just call them possums here. They never play dead, and they crap like crazy if cornered or stressed. Possum Poo is the worst smell ever.

Wilson got what he wanted, which was the end of hostilities. House would normally try to get back at Lucas.

The scene with Lucas and Cuddy was to show that Lucas was lying to Cuddy. That’s why he ensured House and Wilson would not tell Cuddy about the pranks by threatening to tell Cuddy about their condo.

As for the condo deal, it’s pretty nonsensical. Even Cuddy says she doesn’t really care. But I guess Wilson did it out of anger or vengeance and now he’s feeling a little guilty about it even though it’s really no big deal. It’s not like there’s no other places for Cuddy to live.

I’m confused as to how the soldier got his foot amputated. Did he not take antibiotics? Did he find a Dr. to do it for him?

I think the implication is that House did not prescribe the new course of antibiotics, thereby allowing the soldier to lose his foot, which was what he wanted.

The water would destroy all Wilson’s stuff too. Seems kind of an extreme thing to do to yourself for a prank.

I could be wrong, but I thought he he said “I win” to goad House into retaliating against Lucas.

I don’t know how much Cuddy knew of what’s going on. It doesn’t seem like her to get involved.

That’s not what I got at all - I thought House was really surprised when he saw the soldier’s amputated foot, and came in to post what light strand posted.

I enjoy the show and never miss it, but I’ll note again that the writing, while entertaining isn’t very clear. Every week we’re back here asking each other to explain what the heck happened and why.

What I got from the exchange between Lucas and Cuddy was that Cuddy knew all about Wilson buying the condo and Lucas’ pranks, so Lucas was lying the House and Wilson about keeping the info from Cuddy.

But, as usual, only the writers seem to know what they meant.