House 2/20: Man of the House

House tries to convince Immigration that he is married to a woman from the Ukraine.
A motivational speaker is hospitalized, also.

So am I correct that Taub gets the the promotion as, “I’ll split the $50.” and “Deal.” would seem to indicate?

Sounds like it.

The show is clearly playing out the string, though it looks like it’s setting up something with House and his “wife.”

Patient was Jake Weber! (another Englishman). Chase is getting a bit better looking, maybe his life is taking a turn for the better. And the ‘wife’ is going to live with House for 6 months? Wonder how that’s gonna work out?

As soon as the INS guy headed for the hallway I knew Wilson was going to be there…as for the accent I didn’t see that coming. I’m not even sure of the reason. Wilson’s might always be a step behind House, but he’s almost always one step ahead of the people who are trying to hunt him down (Cuddy/the cop during the prescription thing/INS guy etc). Wilson always tells House what the right thing to do is, always tells him that he’s just going to let him fail blah blah blah, but as long as he can help it, he’ll never let him fall.

For a moment I started to wonder if House was going to run back to the Ukraine with her. Also, I can’t think of it now, but for some reason I thought there was scene where it looked like someone else was about to leave (for the season/series) and I started to wonder if they were going to slowly begin to dismantle the team. I want to say it was Chase. Did Chase say or do something at some point that implied that he might be on the verge of walking away from the team?

It looks as though they may be trying to wrap up with the hoary old 'Beauty Killed The Beast" chestnut, whereby the cantankerous misanthrope is redeemed by the love of a good woman. Wasn’t that one of the primary themes of the show? Man is an irrational lumbering dinosaur who doesn’t know what’s good for him. hence the patient’s decision to curtail the testosterone treatments despite the risks because his newer, feminized self made him “a better man”.

So after a few weeks with the missus, House comes to his senses, apologizes for his sins, has his gamey leg replaced with a prosthetic which allows him to give up the Vicodin, retires, leaves the department to Taub and lives happily ever after.

Heartbroken, Wilson becomes a crusader for NAMBLA. In the final scene, we see Chase and Park arranging a date for later that night, hinting that his dissipated life as a horndog will soon come to an end and he will also be redeemed. Adams ends up with Forman. Nobody is ever allowed to remain happily single on TV.

I liked how the INS guy said he wanted to catch House and Dominika “sitting on a couch watching NCIS and eating ice cream from the same spoon…” While the wife of the POTW was played by Rena Sofer, who plays a recurring character on NCIS!.. very cute.

Also, the INS dude looks very familiar, but I can’t quite place him, and IMDb doesn’t yet have him listed for this episode. Where the hell do I know him from?

José Zúñiga. He’s been in tons of stuff, but for me he’ll always be “that prick from Con Air.”

I loved Wilson in disguise, especially when he was caught in the act.

I had to laugh at Park, she was in her element teaching House and ‘wife’ how to appear happily married!

I’m now wondering how, and if, this woman is going to affect the ending of the show. She and House might fall into a happy relationship. Or, she might get her green card, leave him when the time is up, plunging him into a depression, with an unhappy ending.

Thanks. He’s quite the serial guest star on lots of shows I watch (including NCIS). If they ever make a TV movie about Rahm Emanuel, he could play him to a T.

I think INS is now ICE: Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

The government guy is CREEPY. When House first opens the front door and we see him, I told Hubster, “He looks like a vampire!”

Or a zombie. “Braaaaiiiinnnnnnnnsssssss.”

The previews for next week show the upcoming episode has the potential to be explosive. House’s mom is talking to Wilson, and the front of a hardcover book is shown, where “Terminal Cancer” is in big letters.

  • gasp

So they’re going to turn House into Becker?

For those who never watched Becker, he was another cranky misanthrope who was generally regarded as an ass, even by his only close friends. The series finale shows Becker standing on the fire escape with his neighbor, Chris, with his arm around her and her head resting on his shoulder. Becker reflects that for the first time in years he actually feels happy and is no longer full of anger and admits that life actually can be quite good.

Also, with the right pose he looks like Tony Shalhoub’s meaner brother.

He’s also a classic Law & Order Repeat Offender, with six different parts in all three series.

Ha. I’m not the only one who thought he looked like Tony Shaloub. Seriously, it would have been a hoot if Monk had another brother who was the opposite of him or Ambrose. One who was confident, assertive, didn’t sweat things, and was a borderline asshole, to boot.

I smell a poll brewing: Becker, House, or Dr. Cox from “Scrubs” - who is your favorite misanthropic physician? And there are probably a few others that I’m forgetting.

Did anyone else catch Laurie saying “in hospital” instead of “in the hospital”? The facade is slipping.