House 2/21: Done

Cuddy is fed up with House; House visits a classroom.

It wasn’t too bad! Considering my usual comments lately that’s saying a lot. It ended on a sweet note anyway and I liked that sassy little girl. Reminded me of my own daughter.

Done? TiVo said the title was “Two Stories”
Either way, I think this may be my favorite episode. The writers were really thinking out of the box on this one. It was a lot of fun to watch. I was really expecting something odd to happen with black eye girl. It seemed like the black eye kept getting better and worse as they were talking. I assume it was probably just not done in one sitting and just a matter of a makeup issue, but I was waiting for House to grab her and say “Let me see that…your black eye, it’s getting worse, we need to get you to the hospital” and have her turn into the second story.

Yeah, the girl was pretty good. She held her own against House.

I liked the movie references and the kid that guessed them all.

I continue to have absolutely ZERO sympathy for Cuddy. She knew exactly what she was in for when she started seeing House. If you don’t want to be with a selfish asshole, don’t date House! There, problem solved. I swear, Cuddy is one of the biggest idiots on television.

“floor is yours, don” best line of the night.

It was entertaining but I didn’t believe a minute of it. Not that I believe a minute of any House episode, but I didn’t believe a minute of this one even more. I think it started with that early shot of the little girl sitting on the wet concrete steps, which I don’t believe a little girl would ever do.

When I saw her sitting on the wet, cold concrete I figured that was going to play into her being part of the POTW. I sort of wonder if they wanted us to think that. I assume most of us could hear house saying “What kind of 10 year old girl sits on a wet concrete stair in 50 degree weather…one that can’t feel her butt, that’s who. And what kind of girl can’t feel her butt? One who ______.” Fill in the blank. Parent’s beat her, cuts herself, does drugs, has some strange disease, has diabetes, has [del]lupus[/del] etc…

It was, which is depressing, as it reminds me of season one’s “Three Stories” and how good this show used to be. I couldn’t even make it through this episode. The Cuddy House thing has been a drag on the show from the start, why the writers decided to pursue it is beyond me, especially when House and Wilson have about 500 times the chemistry that House and Cuddy do.

When I saw “Done” on the FOX site, it must have been just a promo clip. Ah, well.

It was entertaining, at any rate.

I really liked it, though I couldn’t quite buy those alarmingly precocious kids demanding quid pro quo from House. I liked how the other parents in the classroom there for Career Day just sat back, caught up in the narrative, as House expounded on.

I wonder that EVERY episode doesn’t wind up with Cuddy fed up with House. Isn’t this the first time since they became a couple that she basically threw him out?

I loved this episode. I was laughing all the way through. However, My dvr cut off the end, can someone fill me in?

What a horrible episode. Dr. Cuddy is a smart, strong woman, that had to go through so much crap to get to where she is professionally and to adopt the child, and all that. Then she decides to dump her private eye boyfriend for a Doctor that works in her hospital, who’s never really wrong, but he’s an insufferable ass. So, for House to be “the intellect”, now Dr. Cuddy has to be “the emotion”, and we get stupid plots like this. Instead, they keep tearing down her character, like (it was said before) she didn’t know what she was getting in by shacking up with him.

Man, do I wish they never introduced the romance angle of them. They were better off apart.

She invited him over for dinner…he had his own toothbrush.

Eh, I thought this was one of the weaker episodes in recent weeks. The kids were just too precocious for me (of course, I hate kids anyway), and yes, the Cuddy angle is getting tedious. But I did like how he appropriated the other doctor’s name for his classroom presentation!

so… my questions:

what was the favor the board member wanted House to do? why was the other doctor involved? did the fact that he rear-ended a fellow career-day guy purely coincidental? did it seem like the school principal was going to have a bigger role but cut short? did anyone else find the underaged girl inappropriately attractive, in a “yeah. she’s going to grow up to be a hottie some day” kind of way? i remember my friend saying that Hayden Pantierre was going to be cute one day after remember the titans came out. another friend of mine pointed out that “cynthia” also known as the kreylborne girl in Malcolm in the Middle, was going to be hot. and she was. Alex Rousseau on Lost.

Yes. That’s what I said to the spouse after watching her for a few minutes (I’m female, btw–it wasn’t any sort of skeevy thing–just that I thought she had the look of somebody who’s going to grow up to be a real beauty.)

I enjoyed the episode, btw. Although both the spouse and I agree that no matter how much we love each other, ain’t no way either of us is ever going to use the other one’s toothbrush. That’s just nasty.

And I didn’t know the title of the ep, but I also commented while watching that it reminded me a lot of “Three Stories.”

I thought the favor House did was to agree to go to career day in place of the board member.

I wondered about that myself. Despite his unkempt appearance, House is usually a stickler for personal hygiene (I remember an episode where he said that he washes his hands both before and after he goes to the bathroom). I figure it’s the writers trying to show that he really is just that comfortable with Cuddy.

Agreed. I love Wilson!

Was it a pea in the POTW? My DVR cut off as well…