House 2/28: Recession-Proof

A patient has a mysterious rash; House is supposed to support Cuddy when she gets an award but may have to stay with his patient instead.

I missed the diagnosis of the guy, what was it?

It was some mumbo-jumbo unobtanium-depriviation syndrome that I’d never heard of, didn’t stick in my memory, and didn’t feel like it was really germane to the plot. Especially since…

he croaked anyway

…so it doesn’t really matter, does it? I still thought it was a great episode. Masters was uncharacteristically interesting, and the Taub/Foreskin relationship is getting more interesting as well. And the confrontation with Cuddy at the very end was a big smile-inducing surprise, too!

Okay, there are at least two threads on this episode.

I loved it. But I don’t quite get the title. Yes, the POTW was possibly sick because of losing his job due to the recession… but that doesn’t quite get me to “recession proof.” What am I missing?

Merged duplicate threads.

Maybe “proof” means “evidence” in the title?

The central medical mystery was so-so, but that hasn’t really been the point of the show since the first season. The final scene was a surprise and a great example of dramatic misdirection.

It really was a great ending. House looking so happy and content and Cuddy looking like she’s just doomed.

What was with all the “Berts”? The POTW was a Bert. The Bert and Ernie references to Taub and Foreman. House got drunk at Bertlan’s (or something).

I knew the patient was doomed when the wife told him she was pregnant so I wasn’t surprised when the indie guitar and the slow motion kicked in as usual around the 55 minute mark.

I thought this was a pretty good episode. It felt really “classic” to me.

Except for the teary eyed “I’m pregnant!” bullshit. For fuck’s sake…that added nothing to the story. I saw it coming in like the slowest-pitched softball in slow motion. Lame.

I loved Bert & Ernie. I hope we see more!

Well, with all those Berties, let’s start looking around for a Jeeves!

“You want Scary, Smarmy, or Shorty?”

“You guys can’t think and poop at the same time?”


Oh, next week’s ep. looks great…Hugh Laurie gets to do some singing. I loved hearing him sing in A Bit of Fry and Laurie and Jeeves and Wooster.

I had a feeling the patient was doomed almost from the get go but have no idea what tipped me off. It was obvious by the time of the pregnancy announcement of course.

I think they intended for the POTW’s impending death to be obvious to throw us off from the real ending.
Or it was just sloppy.

I hated Bert and Ernie this week.

I watched it again. It was some rare genetic disease (only a couple thousand cases on record) (now a couple thousand and one) where COLD brings on a RASH. Treat him with ??? and he’ll be fine. Only they were TOO LATE!

I loved how at first, House was cool with the resolution: sure the patient died, but he had solved the mystery! And that was what really counted.

But then, he was miserable, because being with Cuddy made him happy and content, and that made him a “crappy doctor.”

But then again, he decided that being happy with Cuddy was worth losing a few patients. Classic House multi-variate morality. This show rocks.

What struck me about this episode, and the new doctor’s appearance this season, is how hard they are pressing the theme of “Everybody Lies”. I wonder what guilt they are trying to rationalize.

I at least chuckled a couple of times this episode, which I haven’t done in ages. Maybe there’s a bit of life left in it after all.

I really thought at the end we’d see that House had filched the vicodin.

Cuddy really didn’t look especially thrilled at the end, did she? This could be very bad indeed.