House 3/14: Out of the Chute

A bullfighter is injured by the bull and ends up as the patient of the week.

Also, House deals with the emotional fallout from Cuddy dumping him.


I’m watching, I’m watching!..

a hurdy-gurdy??? :smiley: that’s certainly different…so far, this episode is hilarious!

I found it amusing that he was doing the whole William Tell bit, but the music wasn’t from any part of William Tell but instead was In the Hall of the Mountain King.

Anyone who really jumped from that height would have snapped his spine.

And I’m getting really sick of the loud music overlaying so many scenes. Why can’t the unobtrusive variety of soundtrack heard in shows like Remington Steele come back in fashion already?

I missed the first half but it still had more fire than I’ve seen in a long time.

I find the whole trying-to-get-over-Cuddy House tiresome and uninteresting. I doubt I will keep watching the series much longer.

ending…fakeout! oh, next week looks interesting.

What will House do to himself next week?
I liked the song playing over that last scene.
My Body is a Cage
My daughter loved it so much on the show, I just noticed she posted this on FB.

More specifically, a hooker playing a hurdy gurdy.

I want to know who the arrow hooker was. She was cute.

misleading promo, it was a bull rider, very different things. loved the episode

Also an appropriate song for House’s struggles. From Raptitude:

I do not believe I have ever seen House smile like that before. Ever. Sure, I have seen him grin sardonically all the time. But never a pure, unadulterated smile of sheer relief and joy like when he jumped from the balcony. It was as if he felt free for the first time in his life, even for just that one moment of sheer adrenaline rush.

After only one episode? Do you expect the breakup to be too insignificant to mention?

And I agree with Cochrane. I’ve never seen him look that happy.

It’s interesting that, while House’s use of hookers has been alluded to many, many, many, many times in the show, I think this is the first time we’ve seen him with them.

Nobody tole the new doctor that House was an addict? Please. Most work places give you the low down on everyone in the first week!

I just loved the balcony jump!

But was he actually sleeping with them or trying to get at Cuddy? House is a bit too smart to actually do that if he wants her back. That sure was an awful lot of hookers and blow though.

She’s been working there for a few months, he hasn’t used for (according to someone) two years. They probably didn’t think to mention it. On the one hand I almost wished someone would have said "STFU, he’ll be fine, he was like this for years before you came around and he was one of the best doctors in the country. OTOH, they basically did say that to her, over and over and she didn’t care. That’s one of the things that starting to annoy me about her character…it’s like talking to a 5 year old, saying the same thing over and over and over and she never listens. They seem to dedicate a lot of the show to repeating things to her. This was the “House will be fine” episode. We’ve had “No, don’t tell the patient” episodes as well as “No don’t tell Cuddy” episodes and plenty of others.

In House’s defense, I don’t think any blow was involved. At least not the white powdery kind.

Post 174 here lists some.