House 5/2: Part One of Two

Well, I believe this is a first for this show. And nothing says “Ratings Sweeps!” like a two-parter in May.

Be back later for all the dirt…

Yes! More House than I can shake a cane at!

I see that not even the creators of House can resist indulging in that standard television cliche of slapping an oppressive blue filter on the screen whenever a cop is pictured.

Wow, now they’re really not going to be friends.

Whoa. The fueding doctors (the black doctor and the white doctor, excuse my ignorance)… House wouldn’t let her go back to the policeman’s home, and she told the black guy this, so…

He purposely infected her, so she would have to go back.


yeah yeah, spoilers are generally unboxed. I know.

Foreman (the black doctor) totally shocked me tonight. I mean seriously. That left me with my mouth open as I stared at the tv. Quite the nail biter. Looking forward to tuning in tomorrow.

Hey, Foreman is the most like House. Although I don’t know if he’d go quite that far.

Well what we saw was a reversal of roles. Suddenly House is the one being cautious and Foreman threw concern to the wind. It’s very disconcerting for House to be cautious and downright scary. The scene with Wilson really highlighted his frustration.

We’re also seeing a bit of House caring and his tough rock exterior is slowly dwindling as he faces possibly losing Foreman (who(m) I think he recognizes as his protege)

Anyways, I look forward to finishing it up tomorrow. Just glad I don’t have to wait a week!

I like the way they are portraying Foreman. His normal cocky persona, know-it-all superior attitude and now he’s sympathetic towards the sufferings of his fellow victim and even praying. Whoever the actor is, is doing a great job.

Shooting the dead guy in the morgue and then putting him in the MRI was hillarious.

Have you ever seen such a pigsty of an apt?

I don’t like Foreman the Character (and I didn’t like his character last week either). Foreman the Actor was awesome tonight, I thought.

I’m new to the series this season - are these three young doctors students? Will they be graduating eventually?

Foreman the actor is Omar Epps.

It was hard to watch that cop in so much pain and Foreman realizing that he’ll be next.
I was afraid we were going to be Wilson-less, but he finally showed up about 30 to 40 minutes in.
Can’t wait for the conclusion. It’s tomorrow night, everyone.

The three doctors are actual doctors, hand-picked by House. House claimed that the reasons he hired them (if I can remember back to season 1 and someone please correct me if I am wrong) were because Foreman had a criminal background and would be good for breaking into houses and other nefarious activities, Cameron was chosen over others because she was cute, and still had the credentials, and I think he claimed Chase was hired due to his rich father’s influence.

As for this episode, I thought it was the best this season since the little girl dying of cancer episode.

Did Foreman actually infect Cameron? I thought chase didnt get a stick with that needle because the suit was too restrictive. Forman used a second needle to stick himself.

I think Foreman was scared to death of what he saw happening to the cop and stuck Cameron out of pure desperation. That said, it didn’t appear that Cameron was even worried about it, or is going to hold it against him. She was willing to go to the apartment that apparently infected Foreman without hesitation, this just gave her an excuse. I think she’s showing some serious inner strength and courage in this episode.

I want to say that Foreman did not get infected by the apartment, it seems too obvious, it was the first thing that popped into my mind when he got giddy, where’s the mystery to that?

I think Foreman should be prosecuted, should he survive. And I hope they don’t cure him until after he has many bouts of pain. His actions were dead wrong (and might be even more so)

I agree that he’s a great actor. Bravo! But I hope his character has to suffer a bit. What he did was inexcusable. Completely inexcusable.

The mystery is in what the hell they are sick with.

I’m inclined to agree with you on this one. Foreman’s actions were not just out of line, they were vindictive - a line House never crosses. If House were in his position, I don’t see him stabbing a coworker with a needle in hopes of getting them to go back to the apartment. I do see him doing so via mental games though, especially if it were Wilson.

Foreman crossed a very big line here and should he survive, I can’t see how he is going to be excused from this except if somehow they show that the illness was impairing his judgment.

Does anyone know if Omar Epps wants out of the show?

Chase was just having trouble drawing blood from Foreman because of the bulky gloves. The gloves were thicker than the rest of the suit and it probably would have been hard to get the needle through the gloves. Cameron was stuck in the leg which was less protected.

They were half-way through the pidgeon dropping analysis before I remembered that the show wasn’t over at the end of the hour, so that couldn’t possibly be the right answer.

House says he chose Cameron because she is beautiful, but he explains that’s significant because she could have sailed through life without going to the trouble of becoming a really good doctor. House would have only interviewed the very best candidates, and he was looking for something extraordinary, probably just to keep himself from getting bored with them.

Technically they are fellows. This means they are full MD’s, they’ve been through internship, residency, etc. and are now focusing on a specialty. Based on their experience, I’d say they’ve probably already been through one fellowship (Chase=intensivist, Foreman=neurology, Cameron=immunologist) and this is an additional fellowship in infectious disease, which is House’s technical specialty, IIRC.

Fellowships are special deals - they’re not technically students, but they are, too. (We have fellows all the time at our ENT/Head & Neck surgery practice.)

Hope this helps!

PS: I loved this episode, can’t wait until tonight! Although Himself & I looked at each other when Foreman stabbed Cameron - “That Bastard!!!” Wow. Omar Epps is an OUTSTANDING actor.

Actually, I say the mystery is in what the hell they are sick FROM. The disease is just some twelve syllable latin phrase I never heard of before. What that disease is from is a story.

If the pathogen was from some moldy crap in his apartment, there’s no mystery left, it’s just sorting through the stuff until you find it. Like a murder mystery where there’s a bloody fingerprint on the murder weapon and all the possible suspects have just been fingerprinted. All you’re doing now is going from print to print until you find the one that matches… yawn I think it would be much more interesting if the apartment was a red herring, it’s the obvious place you would look. Does one need to be an infectuous disease specialist to figure that the sick guy got sick from his filthy apartment? Obviously not, since we all pretty much figured that out 10 minutes into the first show, when Foreman went there, and it was reinforced when Foreman got sick.

They do have another hour to fill out, so it’s either a continuing mystery, in which case the apartment HAS to be a red herring, or the meat of the episode is character driven instead of mystery driven.