How about a little quality control??

OK, this is a teeny, tiny, inconsequential rant, but I believe it has some merit.

I just finished off a carton of chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream. That is, chocolate ice cream with a ribbon of peanut butter swirled throughout. Theoretically.

What I got instead was a carton of chocolate ice cream with a humongoulous hard glop of peanut butter in the center and one wussy ribbon that made its way to the bottom. That translates to several bowls of chocolate ice cream, one bowl of chocolate ice cream with said wussy ribbon of PB, and one bowl of humongoulous hard glop of peanut butter with a little chocolate ice cream on it.

This is unsatisfactory. I believe at the very least, the Turkey Hill Ice Cream people owe me a groveling apology. I believe I shall write to them and tell them so.

No, I didn’t eat it all in one sitting - it lasted most of a week. But it was an unsatisfying week because my chocolate and peanut butter were not evenly divided. My life is out of balance. I may have to seek solace with some Tin Roof Sundae…

Surely you know whereof I speak! Add your discontent to the roar! We want quality control, dagnabbit!!!


Hmmm, I must I say I agree with your rant. On the other hand, I rarely get to eat any of the ice cream I bring home. It’s usually gone before I can get to it, so I can’t QA it. :frowning:

There ain’t no thing as too much chocolate.

But people who insist on defacing chocolate with other foodstuffs should get their treats in the right ratio, definitely.

Excuse me while I leave work and go buy some chocolate ice cream. It’s too hot to eat anything else for dinner…

FCM, I feel your pain. I too am a choc and PB aficionado, and such a deformation of the Golden Ratio is torture. I say call them, write them letters, and go buy some decent choc and PB ice cream from a different company.

I told Mr. Taters about your poor experience and he said, FCM was juked!"

All this talk of ice cream (again) has made me want to buy some. I think, this time however, I’ll be smart and hide a tub that is just for me and the hubby.

Obviously, you’re doing something wrong.

Just thinking out loud here - when my husband and his brothers were younger, if his mother wanted to hide something from them, she’d put it in a Kotex box… that way, she knew her boys would leave it alone.

Nah, that wouldn’t work with ice cream… But maybe you could disguise it in another way - perhaps a carton of frozen creamed spinach?? :wink:

I like that - don’t mess with my Golden Ratio!

I feel your pain! While I’m not one for chunks of anything in my ice cream, the problem here is that you know damn well they have the technology to perform the evenly distributed swirl of products within the ice cream. That they hold back on this ability is nothing short of a travesty. A scathing letter is your first step. A demonstration on the front steps of their corporate offices, a bus full of disgruntled customers and a national boycott would be next.

I had precisely the same thing happen with a tub of Neilson Real Dairy vanilla-butterscotch ice cream. It was, in reality, a tub of french vanilla ice cream surrounding a sizeable glop of butterscotch right in the center. Furthermore, the butterscotch appeared to have been some concentrated, chemically-simulated crap that only really tasted good when taken very sparingly with a generous portion of ice cream, but was otherwise criminally vile on its own, thus ruining the potential benefit of being able to have at least one scoop generously bathed in butterscotch. Further still, what I had hoped might have been some real, genuine hard-pack iced cream (such as the name hinted at) was the same old soft mushy stuff you find in every grocer’s freezer, with the possible exception that it tasted a wee bit creamier. (I say “possible” because the effect was subtle enough that I couldn’t truly be sure unless I tasted the “Real Dairy” alongside some “not Real Dairy”) What a gyp.

I am now convinced there is no such thing as real store-bought hard pack anymore, nor is there such a store-bought thing as the kind of butterscotch topping you get at real ice creameries. You know, the stuff thick enough that it needs to be cleaved from the roof of your mouth periodically. (This can, however, be made pretty effectively using a pack of Werther’s chewy caramels or other real dairy cream caramels, and about 1/4 cup of table cream, melted and combined in a small saucepan. Mmmm…)

One of the best ice cream treats I had involved vanilla soft serve :eek: (bear with me here), chocolate syrup, and Kahlua - yum! I bet it would be yummerrific with a good French vanilla and hot fudge. Hmmmmm, wonder if McKay’s is still open??
Ahem - back to ranting - Raisin Bran - last box I bought had all the raisins concentrated in the top half of the box. I finished it off and had nary a raisin in my bowl. For the record, bran flakes are boring.

Yep, my mom used to freeze cookie dough in containers she’d mark with “turkey broth” or something equally unappetizing.

It worked quite well. Until we caught on, that is, at which point no freezer-burnt container was safe from our investigations …


The problem was that you didn’t eat it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

That was a single serving package. At least it would have been for me.

Had you eaten it that way, you’d have had plenty of chance to mix in the PB as you went.

Think of it like fruit-at-the-bottom yogurt. If you ate one of those in 6 sittings from top to bottom you’d be all disappointed too.

See …

The next time you’ll know the right way to eat it. I’'m sure you’ll enjoy it a lot more that way!

You’re welcome.

Well there’s your problem! Turkey milk is nasty!

Especially when you’ve just taken a class on animal reproduction in modern day agriculture. Anyone want to know how to do artifical insemination on turkeys? Anyone? Bueller?

You’re correct, of course. I blew it by letting my visiting nephew know that I had it. Durn little brat wanted some. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my younger days, I used to get Baskin-Robbins’ version of that ice cream in a hand-dipped pint and polish it off in an evening. Made me the woman I am today! :smiley:
Pullet, I’m not sure I want to know how *you * know…

I’ve, um, seen pictures. Yeah, pictures.